I'll be the first to admit that I have an insatiable sweet tooth. From gelato and macarons to cookie dough and doughnuts, the sky is the limit. New York City, renowned for its culinary creativity, is home to some of the most legendary show-stopping desserts. No wonder people travel near and far to hop on a 2-hour line for cookie dough (Spoiler alert– it's worth it). To help narrow down the choices, I scoped out the city's dessert scene and compiled the ultimate list of happiness-inducing treats. Scroll down to explore New York City's best desserts. Fair warning: you'll want to jot these places down.

1. Wowfulls: Waffle Ice Cream Cones

Inspired by Hong Kong style egg waffles, this NYC hotspot puts their spin on a traditional street food classic. It's a step up from your typical ice cream in a waffle cone. With an abundance of flavors and an endless array of toppings, Wowfulls allows you to curate your favorite ice cream combo that will be sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

2. Milk & Cream Cereal Bar: Cereal Ice Cream

Why choose between cereal and ice cream for dessert when you can have both? These cereal-blended ice cream cones are heavenly and worth every calorie. (My personal favorite: Lucky charms blended with teddy grahams and gummy bears.)

3. Dominique Ansel Bakery: Cronut

Is it a donut? Is it a croissant? It's more like a combo of both. DMB makes the best of both worlds: the cronut. Dominque Ansel Bakery, infamous for their originality, combines the light flakiness of the croissant with the heavenly flavor of a decadent doughnut. A must-try for croissant and doughnut lovers across the board.

4. CATCH NYC: "Hit Me" Cake

You've probably seen the Insta videos of people hitting these layered desserts. Well, that's because these legendary cakes are topped with a dreamy Klondike bar, oozing with Vanilla ice cream and warm chocolate fudge. Let out all your aggression on a scrumptious chocolate dessert and enjoy every last bite. 

5. Taiyaki NYC: Taiyaki Ice Cream

Another unconventional twist on a traditional classic. Taiyaki NYC makes these fish-shaped Japanese waffles, chewy on the inside and crispy on the outside, filled with soft serve ice cream. Indulgent and rich in flavor, you'll not want to share. 

6. Momofuku Milk Bar: Birthday Cake

After a long day of hustling, we all deserve a cake to end the day. I'm talking about nonchalantly buying yourself a birthday cake even when it's not your birthday. Momofuku Milk Bar reimagined and reinvented your childhood favorite: funfetti layered cakes topped with rainbow cake crumbs and vanilla frosting. Taking you back to the good old days, the classic flavor combination will be sure to leave you feeling nostalgic.

7. Union Fare Bakery: Rainbow Croissants

So, we have the cake for your casual not-birthday, now we need the matching birthday croissants. Union Fare boasts some out-of-the-ordinary baked goods including these birthday funfetti croissants, offering a punch of unexpected flavor. Still maintaining to be incredibly delicate and decadent, these are definitely insta-worthy and delicious.

8. DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections: Cookie Dough Treats

This isn't your typical ice cream shop. Instead of a plethora of ice cream flavors, DŌ offers a variety of cookie dough scoops. Yes, it's edible cookie dough. Taking all shapes and forms, the cookie dough is real and raw, providing a genuine "out of the cookie dough tub" experience, except completely elevated and refined. 

9. Black Tap NYC: Classic & Crazy Milkshakes

I'd tap that. I mean, the milkshake of course. Layered with flavors and topped to the max, these milkshakes, rich and decadent, can satisfy any sweet tooth. Offering everything from the classic chocolate shake to the crazy Brooklyn blackout, Black Tap takes the cake for milkshake ingenuity. 

Check out what's all the rage on these Black Tap Milkshakes here.

10. Lady M Cake Boutique: Green Tea Mille Crêpes

It's essentially a cake made of layers of crêpes. Light, delicate, and flavorful, the green tea powder crêpes are paper thin and enveloped in a light vanilla pastry cream. In one bite, you can taste the intricately stacked lace-like layers of matcha infused crêpes. Matcha is all the rage right now and Lady M nails it to a tee. 

11. Levain Bakery: Chocolate Chip Cookies

You haven't had a great chocolate chip cookie until you've tried Levain's cult favorite. These warm, ooey-gooey, chocolate chip satisfy cookie connoisseurs everywhere. No wonder there's always a line out the door. Trust me, they're worth the wait.

12. Cha Cha Matcha: Matcha Lattes and Matcha Soft Serve

You may be wondering: what exactly is Matcha? Matcha is essentially finely-milled green tea leaves that can be integrated into practically any dessert. Because of this, the founders of Cha Cha Matcha has developed an all-things-matcha dessert spot. They make everything matcha from lattes to macarons to cronuts to soft serve. (I highly recommend the matcha soft serve. A 10/10 for the matcha-obsessed.)

13. Spot Dessert Bar: Matcha Lava Cake

Let's take a moment and appreciate this beauty. Spot Dessert Bar not only beautifully presents their treats but also ingeniously sets the bar for innovative indulgences. Spot's signature lava chocolate cake filled with green tea ganache is finished with a side green tea ice cream: enough said.

14. Bluestone Lane: Coffee in a Cone

What sounds better than coffee served in a chocolate coated waffle cone? Bluestone Lane, known for their brunch delights, has completely transformed the idea of an edible cup. Freshly brewed coffee served in a crunchy waffle cone: who knew this wonderous day would come?

15. Dominique Ansel Bakery: Cookie Shots

Cheers to starting the day off right with a round of the most scrumptious shots ever. These chocolate chip cookie cups are insulated with a layer of rich chocolate and filled with creamy milk. Thanks to this revolutionized concept of milk and cookies, I'd be happy to down this decadent shot any day.  

16. Stuffed Ice Cream NYC: Cruffs 

So, what's a cruff you may ask? Defined by Stuffed Ice Cream NYC, a cruff is essentially ice cream stuffed in a glazed donut. Think of it as a refined ice cream sandwich with toppings and bold flavors. 

17. Stuffed Ice Cream NYC: Ice Cream Bouquets

Some want a bouquet of flowers, others a box of chocolates. I for one would much prefer a bouquet of ice cream. Piling on the scoops is how Stuffed Ice Cream does it. Envision your waffle cone vase holding your dozen roses, except, in place of those roses, a dozen ice cream scoops. Genious.

18. Dessert Club, ChikaLicious: Churro Cone

Essentially a reinvention of a regular ice cream cone. The flavor doesn't end when the ice cream does; it just gets better. The flakey, cinnamon and brown sugar infused churro complements any ice cream flavor and finishes the dessert off right.

19. Boqueria: Churro S'more

Don't get me wrong, graham cracker s'mores are good. But let's refine this childhood treat a bit: how about s'mores sandwiched between two churros? Ooey, gooey, and warm, this rich treat is far from a campfire simplicity. Head to Boqueria to try this twist on a traditional favorite. 

20. Soft Swerve NYC: Ube Ice Cream

Now you may be wondering, what is that vibrant purple ice cream? It's actually Ube, which translates to Japanese purple yam. It sounds wild, I know, but don't be fooled; the taste is more subtle then the bold color conveys. Soft Swerve, known for their out-of-the-box flavors, also offers black sesame, matcha, and macapuno coconut to complement their black chocolate red classic cones. These will be sure to leave a lasting impression on your Instagram feed. 

21. I-CE NY: Rolled Ice Cream

Ice cream has no limits. In varying shapes and forms, the more different and unique, the better. The original curator of rolled and smashed ice cream, ICE-NY transforms liquid cream into rich rolled decadency in seconds. Check ICE-NY out for a new way to experience ice cream. 

22. The Doughnut Project: "The Everything" Doughnut

"The Everything" Doughnut is essentially a hybrid of an everything bagel and a glazed donut. A classic glazed donut is topped with sweet cream cheese frosting and decked in everything bagel toppings such as poppy seeds, sesame seeds, garlic, and sea salt. The perfect medley of sweet and salty. 

23. Breads Bakery: Chocolate Babka  

After a long day, treat yourself to Breads Bakery's Chocolate Babka. Decadent dough swirled with layers of rich chocolate, this babka will not disappoint anyone looking to satisfy their chocolate craving.

24. Magnolia Bakery: Banana Pudding

Order a tub of Magnolia's classic banana pudding and you're golden. Layered with vanilla wafers, fresh bananas, and creamy vanilla pudding, this decadent dessert is the perfect treat to indulge in with a friend. (Actually, you should just order them another tub.) 

25. Flour Shop: Specialty Cakes

Flour Shop is home to the original rainbow explosion cake. Incredibly vibrant and fun, these explosion cakes feature six rainbow layers, rich cream cheese frosting, rainbow sprinkles and a sprinkle surprise pouring out in the center. An indubitable crowd pleaser and picture-worthy treat. 

NYC's bucket list of sweet treats to try is truly endless. From churro cones to funfetti croissants and cookie shots to ice cream bouquets, you really can't go wrong. So, next time you're craving something sweet, hop on the out-of-the-door line for these decadent desserts; they'll be worth the wait.