New Jersey—home to pumping fists and not gas, a Wawa on every corner, jughandles, and a questionable central section. The state's awesome restaurants, ice cream places, and bakeries are often overshadowed by word of our bagels and pizza. Whether North or South, Central, or The Shore, our state has tons of hidden dessert gems.

1. Crepes from Whipped Creperie

Whipped Creperie and Dessert Bar in Red Bank makes fresh to order crepes. With 15 varieties of sweet crepes, you'll be head-over-heels for this French dessert. Whether you want to go classic with a combination of Nutella, strawberries, and bananas, or outrageous with one stuffed with apple pie, your taste buds will not be mad. If you are not a sweet tooth, they have an entire menu of savory crepes as well.

2. Doughnuts from Broad Street Dough Co

Broad Street Dough Co serves up some of the finest, freshest doughnuts in Monmouth County. Every order is made fresh, and completely customizable. They have a daily menu with over 30 choices. They also post their daily specials menu which can range from anything such as triple-stacked cannoli doughnuts, ones topped with candy bars, or even churro bites.

3. Pastries from Carlo's Bakery

New Jersey is home to seven locations of the world-renowned Carlo's Bakery. Their Hoboken location is the original store. While the line might be out the door, you might have the chance to see the Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro, or one of his family members at the register. Find out for yourself what made this bakery a TLC hit.

4. Rolled Ice Cream from Absolute Zero Ice Cream

This Thai inspired dessert trend has left NYC and landed at Absolute Zero in Montclair. A creamy base with add-ins of your choice gets piled high with candies and fresh fruit. Plus, you get to watch the cream come to life to make your rolled ice cream. 

5. Mille Cake from Mango Mango Desserts

While there are locations in other states including Texas, New York, and Virginia, Mango Mango Desserts franchises bring Chinatown sweets to New Jersey streets. The restaurant has a full menu of fruit inspired desserts, shakes, and crepes. The Mille Cakes come in mango, green tea, and even durian flavors. Despite the shocking ingredients, each is perfectly sweet and tasty.

6. Creamy Buns from Luigi's Ice Cream

This relatively new dessert shop opened on Broad Street in Red Bank this summer. Luigis' signiture dessert is a creamy bun — a glazed donut stuffed with a heaping scoop of homemade ice cream. If you're seeking something a little less messy, they have rolled ice cream in flavors such as Cookie Monster and S'mores. The modern interior and trendy desserts makes it one of the most Instagram-worthy restaurants of NJ.

7. Freak Shake from Coney Waffle

They don't call 'em Freak Shakes from nothing. These huge shakes from Coney Waffle are piled with heaps of cotton candy, gummies, chocolate cover treats, and even a warm waffle with ice cream inside of it. The milkshakes are enormous, and perfect after a day at the beach. Good luck finishing it, even with a big group.

8. Dessert Pizza from Brother Bruno's Pizza

Brother Bruno's Pizza, Deli, and Bagel in Wayne is home to the original dessert pizza. Unlike standard dessert pizzas which are only stopped with a schmear of Nutella, the slices you find here are stuff and topped with the ultimate ingredients. Whether your pie is stuffed with apple pie filling or peanut butter, or topped with fried Oreos or cereals, this pizza lands its well deserved spot on this list.

9. Octopus Sundae from Hoffman's Ice Cream

Featured on Man vs Food, this crazy sundae features 8 scoops of ice cream, 8 toppings, and an adorably delicious whipped cream octopus. If you can finish this enormous sundae in 8 minutes or less, you get a free Hoffman's shirt and your picture on the wall. If you're not into the whole challenge thing, you can order a scoop or two of one of their 40 homemade flavors.

10. Overload Bagels from The Bagel Nook

The Bagel Nook is the latest phenomenon of the bagel trend. They have overload bagels stuffed with a mound of flavored cream cheese and sweets including chocolate chip cookies, Oreos, and even brownies. If you don't live close, don't fret, they ship the bagels nationally.

11. Cupcakes from House of Cupcakes

Featured on Cupcake Wars, House of Cupcakes is home to the best cupcakes in NJ. The original location in Princeton still stands, as well as two new additions in East Brunswick and Clifton. They have tons of daily flavors including piña colada, dirt cup, and peanut butter cookie dough.

12. Apple Cider Donuts from Delicious Orchards

Delicious Orchards definitely earned the word delicious in its title. The local grocery store boasts the best pies, donuts, and pastries. All of their baked goods are made in store. In the heat of the summer they serve their homemade apple cider as a slushie. It's a refreshing drink you never knew you needed.

13. Desserts from Sook Pastry

Pastry chef Keum Sook-Park opened this joint after years of education and experience. Her dedication to the business shows with her amazing desserts and loyal customers. If you are ever looking to indulge in an amazing treat, head on over to Sook in Ridgewood, New Jersey.

14. Salt Water Taffy from Shriver's Salt Water Taffy

Shriver's is a local and national treasure. The homemade taffy, chocolate, and mints can be purchased at their store front, as well as their website. Aside from the typical taffy flavors, they boast local, seasonal flavors including Cranberry and Spicy Pumpkin.

15. Ice Cream from Ice Cream on 9

Located on Route 9 in Howell, Ice Cream on 9 has way more than 9 flavors. Matter of fact, they have over 144 homemade flavors of Italian ice, ice cream, and yogurt. The store is practically a museum of every flavor imaginable. Good luck finding only one flavor to get.

16. Vegan Desserts from Papa Ganache

First off, who doesn't love a store with a knock-your-socks-off pun within its name? Papa Ganache is one of the few 100% vegan bakeries in New Jersey. Whether you are vegan or not, you will fall in love with all they have to offer. They are constantly creating and experimenting with unique desserts like rainbow cookie cupcakes and naked gingerbread cakes.

17. Cakes from Dessert Ladies

The women behind the Dessert Ladies are blowing away its customers with adorably decorated, amazingly tasty cakes, cupcakes, and biens. Biens are the company's version of a bonbon. They get stacked high to make the perfect presentation. If you want some of their desserts at your next event, you can cater an entire dessert bar.

18. Rainbow Donuts from Glaze Donuts

Glaze combines two awesome desserts into one epic masterpiece. Their signature donut is a triple stacked rainbow cookie donut. They also always have an array of classic and artisanal donuts on display. With now three locations around New Jersey, Glaze's small batch donuts are accessible to everyone.

19. Cookies from Cookie Rush

Located on Rutger's campus, Cookie Rush sells and delivers cookies straight to your door. Hot from the oven, they can be brought directly to your dorm after a long study session or after a night out. Either way you receive them, you're sure to be left with two things afterwards— an empty box and a full-blown cookie rush.

20. Cream Filled Donuts from McMillan's Bakery

McMillan's is not skimpy with their donuts' filling. Each donut gets hand filled with rich frosting. Whether you get a donut, cupcake, or tea buscuit, all the of the baked goods will taste just like grandma used to make, or even better.

21. Mac Daddy from Milk Sugar Love

The Mac Daddy from Milk Sugar Love is a giant ice cream sandwich. Instead of typical cookies, the ice cream is placed between two over-sized macarons. If you're looking for something a bit smaller, they also have regular sized macarons that can be stuffed with your ice cream flavor.

22. Ices from Strollo's Lighthouse

Anyone who has been to the Jersey Shore knows that Strollo's is the official dessert after a day at the beach. The small shacks serve the creamiest soft serve ices and ice creams. The flavors are constantly changing from canteloupe and kiwi-strawberry ices to cannoli and mint chip ice cream. It really is as good as it sounds.

23. Seasonal Hot Chocolate from Brownstone Pancake Factory

Yes, this is hot chocolate topped with whipped cream, chocolate and peppermint sauces, a cookie, and an entire slice of red velvet cake. Brownstone Pancake Factory makes outrageous seasonal pancakes, waffles, milkshakes, and hot chocolates. The specials only last a week, so you have to get in before they're gone.

24. Baby Bundt Cakes from BAM Desserts

BAM Desserts' name is in all caps for a reason. The homemade cakes are moist and delectable. Located in Somerset, you can go in for a quick treat, or order a cake in advance for any type of party. Their baby bundt cakes are adorable. They serve 2 to 3 people, or just one if your a big sweet tooth.

25. Gelato from Café 360  

On a corner in Downtown Freehold, this small café is home to homemade gelato, pastries, and cappuccinos. Whether you go to cool off with a scoop gelato, or warm up with a cup of coffee, Café 360 has it all year round.

Whether you are craving the best doughnuts, ice cream, or crepes, I think it's safe to say New Jersey has got it all.