When it comes to desserts, Washington, DC takes its shit seriously. We may be known for our politics, but any Georgetown student will straight up fight you over their favorite cupcake shop. In order to stop all the drama, I have compiled a list of my personal favorite desserts in Washington, DC (with all cupcake possibilities represented). Whether you're looking for a 1 am bite or a legit meal, here are all of the best desserts in Washington, DC.

Baked&Wired: Cakecups

Baked&Wired puts your OG cupcakes to shame. Order a massive, orgasmic cakecup for ultimate eating pleasure. My personal favorite is the Chocolate Cupcake of Doom because CHOCOLATE. 

Dolcezza: Gelato

Last summer, I probably ate Dolcezza four times a week, and I have absolutely zero regrets. Many of their flavors change seasonally, so you'll always have a fresh new gelato to try.

Captain Cookie and the Milkman: Ice Cream Sandwich

This ice cream sandwich is truly a blessing from God. Start by picking two cookies (with options like Funfetti, Ginger Molasses, and Snickerdoodle) and then ice cream for the center for the perfect treat. Right on GW's campus and open until 2 am on weekends, Captain Cookie is also your perfect drunk bite. 

District Doughnut: Créme Brûlée Doughnuts

District Doughnut is the doughnut shop of Georgetown. If you need any further proof, watch them make créme brûlée doughnuts. If you are not drooling after, then I don't need you and your negativity in my life.

Thomas Sweet: Ice Cream

Affectionately known as T Sweets, Thomas Sweet serves up some of the best loaded cones in town. If you're lucky, you might even see Obama

Crepeaway: Nutella Crepes

Crepeaway is truly a club after the club closes (it closes at 4 am on weekends). Go here to dance on the tables and get some amazing drunk eats.

Momofuku Milk Bar: Cereal Milk Soft Serve

Momofuku's DC outpost is always poppin, and these swirled up treats are perfect for the Insta and for maximum enjoyment. Check out their birthday cake truffles for some more yums. 

Beard Papa's: Cream Puffs

Beard Papa's switches up their cream fillings on the regular, so you can always expect a different flavor. If you're looking for a classic Beard Papa's treat, order the Green Tea Cream Puff. 

Good Stuff Eatery: Milkshakes 

Good Stuff is ~good~ for more than just burgers. Their handspun shakes put Shake Shack's to shame. 

Rise Bakery: Eclair

Who said you needed gluten to eat well? Try these bomb Eclairs from Rise Bakery for the sweetest, celiac-friendly treat.

Ted's Bulletin: Ted Tarts

Ted's Bulletin knows how to make a good pop tart (or Ted Tart, as listed on the menu). With five locations in the DMV area, you will never have to settle for the grocery store version again. 

TAKODA: Fried Oreos

If you're missing out on fried food, TAKODA has got you covered. Extra filled with cream cheese icing, these fried oreos will leave you feelin 'merican. 

Saison Wafel Bar: Belgian Waffles

Technically a brunch food, but these waffles are too sweet to not be included. Saison Wafelbar is located at Union Market, which is a killer food and Insta destination in DC (its got major Smorgasburg vibes). 

Ice Cream Jubilee: Ice Cream

Ice Cream Jubilee uses the small batch method to create high quality ice cream, and their flavors are not to be missed. I get hungry just thinking about caramel popcorn, gin and tonic, or cookies and cookie dough ice cream.

B Too: Waffles 

B Too solely specializes in waffles for all meals and desserts. If you are not already sold, just imagine a fried caramel apple waffle. Yum x 1000.

Goodies Frozen Custard & Treats: Stuffed Custard Doughnuts

Goodie's food truck transports you back to the 1950s in the best way, and they are known for their stuffed custard donuts. These treats are big.

A Baked Joint: Pastries

Baked&Wired's sister café, a Baked Joint, is the perfect study space. I can't choose just one favorite, everything Baked serves up is gold. 

&pizza: Lori Lane

A DIY dessert pizza? Sign me up. &pizza combines berries and sweet cream for a brunchy treat. 

Georgetown Cupcake: Cupcakes

I hesitated to include Georgetown Cupcake in this list, but it's an old-reliable shop. If the line is less than two hours, these cupcakes are definitely worth it, but there are many other great cupcake places in DC to explore as well. 

Boqueria: S'mores Churros 

Boqueria is basically famous for its bottomless brunch, but you gotta go back for desserts, too. They offer churros in all forms—dusted with cinnamon, stuffed with Nutella, made into an ice cream sandwich, toasted like a s'more, you name it. 

Tiger Fork: Bubble Waffles

Tiger Fork's bubble waffle with ice cream and "fun stuff" (yes, that's what the menu actually says) is made for Insta. It's breakfast for dessert, and I'm drooling already. 

Start planning all your Instas now because the most photogenic part of DC is certainly not a monument—the legit insane desserts in Washington, DC ~take the cake~.