If you run a foodsta or perhaps just really appreciate aesthetics, then this is absolutely the list for you. Here are the 15 most instagrammable food spots in NYC that are both delicious and photogenic.

1. Sweet Moment

Funky dessert cafes are all the rage nowadays, and New York City is the best place to find the quirkiest ones. Sweet Moment, located in Manhattan’s Little Italy neighborhood, has latte art that is almost too cute to drink. Plus, these adorable drinks taste even better than they look!

To learn more about Sweet Moment click here.

2. Bibble & Sip

Bibble & Sip has got to be one of the cutest shops in New York City. While trendy bakeries selling Asian-inspired desserts, coffees, and teas are not new to the scene, this one has a special twist — their “mascot” is an alpaca. Alpaca's decorate the walls, the baked goods, the coffees, and everything in between. 

Claire Wang

To learn more about Bibble & Sip click here.

3. Black Tap

You may have seen this place on Facebook. They are quite famous for their absolutely insane milkshakes. I'd definitely recommend bringing a friend and sharing a milkshake together as one is too much for any one person to finish, unless you're ambitious.

Claire Wang

4. Broken Coconut

Broken Coconut is like a tropical oasis in the midst of the concrete jungle. All the decor is gorgeous and totally instagrammable – like the swing underneath the neon "Eat Pretty" sign, and the food is just as colorful and aesthetically pleasing.

Claire Wang

5. Tipsy Scoop

This ice cream place is famous for their boozy ice cream, but they create quite spectacular ice cream designs as well! Gigantic, colorful, and crazy ice cream concoctions are abound at Tipsy Scoop – all of which are perfect for instagram.

5. Avocado Appetit

Instagrammers love avocados, so it only makes sense that this place is highly instagrammable. The avocado pattern on the walls makes for a gorgeous backdrop, the pillows with avocado puns are simply adorable, and the food itself is presented extremely well, especially the lox toast, in which smoked salmon is rolled up to look like roses.

Claire Wang

6. Pop Cake Bar

Pop Cake Bar combines the sweet nostalgia of your childhood popsicles with delicious cakes and customized toppings. Together, these two elements create a sweet treat that'll have your instagram followers drooling!

Claire Wang

7. Matcha N More

This matcha place just recently opened up a few months ago, yet has been featured dozens of times on instagram already! Their gorgeous leafy wall design combined with vibrant matcha selections, a glowing neon wall sign, and even some gold leaf makes for stunning photos!

Claire Wang

8. John's Juice

These are all. over. the gram. You've probably seen girls holding John's Juice's fruit juice cups way more than you ever wanted to. But it's for a good reason – the hollowed out fruit cups are just so cute! For something more unique, try their hollowed out fruit acai bowls.

Claire Wang

9. Bona Bona Ice Cream

After a friend and I got two of Bona Bona's cones we got stopped about five times by people asking where we had gotten them from, that's how visually appealing they are. All the cones are topped with marshmallow fluff that is then torched for a s'mores-like taste. Combined with their delicious ice cream flavors, each cone is bound to be scrumptious.

Claire Wang

10. Rebecca's Cake Pops

You will never find cuter cake pops than the one's at Rebecca's Cake Pops. Cake pops here come in tons of pretty pastel shades, or with cute designs, or shaped like adorable animals. Can't decide on more than just one? Me neither. You can buy an entire conefull of them!

Claire Wang

11. Bar Pa Tea

Bubble tea is all the rage right now, but what about bubble tea soft serve? That is what Bar Pa Tea specializes in and not only is it delicious, but it's fantastically photogenic. 

12. Pietro Nolita

This spot is known on Instagram more for its storefront than the actual food it serves. Pietro Nolita's entire facade and interior are bright pink! It seriously doesn't get more pink than this.

Claire Wang

13. Sprinkles Land

Soft serve has never looked so good than at Sprinkles Land. Dedicated to soft serve, but also having plenty of other dishes as well, Sprinkles Land creates gorgeous ice cream creations. Soft serve in wine glasses, soft serve cones within soft serve cones, soft serve cotton candy designs on top, soft serve with caviar and gold leaf, they really have it all!

Claire Wang

14. Grace Street

 In New York City, there is no shortage of coffee shops and cafes, but Grace Street stands out among the sea of regulars by putting a unique Korean-inspired twist on their drinks and desserts. Not only were they aesthetically pleasing to look at (perfect for Instagram!), but they were also delicious. 

To learn more about Grace Street click here.

15. Souvlaki

Greece or NYC? This is the question all your followers will be asking once they see your pictures from this adorable restaurant. The facade in front literally looks like its straight out of a Grecian Island like Mykonos or Santorini, so even though you're in the middle of one of the biggest cities in the world you can pretend like you're living it up on a sunny island.