We all know what it’s like to anticipate going to Torchy’s Tacos. A mecca of queso, corn tortillas, and margaritas, it is truly the diamond of Texas. It doesn’t matter when you decide to go, whether it be for breakfast, brunch, dinner, or randomly after class at 4PM, the Torchy’s Tacos devil baby welcomes you into a damn good experience. College life wouldn’t be the same without this haven.

1. Planting the Seed

In the group text, someone moans that they want queso. Torchy’s gets brought up. Now it’s on everyone’s minds. You’ve got to go.

2. En Route

You get picked up and jam the whole way there, high off of life—and the fact that you’re about to drown in queso.

3. The Arrival

You get there, and the line is 15 people deep. You don’t question the wait or the fact that there aren’t any seats available because you’re about to get a Trailer Park taco and make it trashy

4. "All the queso and a Trashy Trailer Park, please."

You order without picking up the menu. You're a regular and you’ve known your order since the third week of freshman year.

5. Hunting Down a Table

You and your friends find a seat after awkwardly stalking a family in a booth until they leave. You sit there waiting for the steaming bowl of queso to join the party.


'Nuff said.

7. The Religious Experience

 Silence for five whole minutes because eating hot cheese is a religious experience that words cannot describe.

8. The Food Arrives

Your taco gets placed in front of you & your heart can’t decide whether to leave the queso behind and start in on your taco or make your taco wait a little.

9. The Food Disappears

You down your taco in three bites. So worth the whole six hours of anticipation. You feel on top of the world.

10. Post-Torchy's Silence

Silence again. But this time, it’s bittersweet because the meal is over. You look around the table and see some tears

11. Food Coma Sets In

That second basket of chips was not the wisest decision

12. The Exit

You leave sad that it's over, but satisfied because you know you'll only have to wait 5 more days for a different person to crave queso.

So if you had to give a rose to Nick or Torchy's, which one would you choose? Torchy's would have my pick.

Hopefully the hometown date would be full of margaritas and bowls of guacamole.