Hot, gooey, and tasty, queso is always a yes. In honor of getting my little in my sorority this past week, I wanted to write an article dedicated to her favorite food—queso. Queso is a classic Tex-Mex dip, but can also be found drizzled on enchiladas or packed in a burrito. Wherever you find it, you know it will be delicious. 

In Texas, but especially in Fort Worth, you can get queso pretty much anywhere at any time. The trick is finding Insta-worthy, stomach-growl-inducing queso. I scouted out some of the best places to grab queso in the Fort Worth area, so grab some friends and try them yourself. 

1. Torchy's Tacos

chicken, rice
Jamie Kenston

While pretty much everything found at Torchy's is tasty, this Texas heaven-sent restaurant truly makes a killer queso. The queso even comes with a spicy kick and a drop of house-made guacamole at the bottom.

 #SpoonTip: Make any taco trashy with a splash of queso.

2. Spiral Diner

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Calling all Fort Worth vegans, this hot spot offers a vegan-friendly queso that tastes anything but fake. Served with homemade crispy corn chips or drizzled over their famous nachos, this queso will make your tummy happy.

3. Velvet Taco

Velvet Taco is a DFW favorite, and it's not only because they offer super tasty and nontraditional tacos. They've also got an unusual and amazing queso that's made with red curry and coconut.

4. Taco Heads

soup, cheese, chips
Elena Levy

Taco Heads has some of the best street tacos around, but they've also got a killer white cheese queso topped with fresh cilantro. Not to mention, they serve it with huge pile of hot, homemade sweetcorn tortilla chips to dip with. 

5. Joe T. Garcia's

Courtney Heier

A Fort Worth legend, Joe T.'s has an enticing environment, tasty Tex-Mex and great queso. The queso is perfect for spreading over your sizzling fajitas or even mixing in your beans.

#SpoonTip: Mix your queso and salsa together for an even more delicious dip.

6. Chuy's

In honor of my little, I had to mention Chuy's, her all time favorite place to get queso. Chuy's may be known for their mouth watering green dip, but their queso is pretty dank as well. Made with fresh ground beef, guacamole, and pico, this is the perfect pairing for your tortilla chips. 

 7. Fuzzy's Taco Shop

Where do you go when its 1am, and you need some chile-dusted chips and queso? No doubt it's going to be Fuzzy's. It's conveniently placed right on the TCU campus and provides some tasty drunkies and margaritas.

Fort Worth holds many hidden gems, and after living in Texas for my whole life and Fort Worth for almost two years, I am lucky enough to have gotten to try all of these. Next time you're in the DFW area, stop at any of these locations and you'll be sure to leave happy.