It's that time of year again, and no, I'm not talking about mercury finally leaving retrograde. I'm talking about GovBall, NYC's most baller music festival and the unofficial kickoff to the summer of our teenage dreams, releasing its star-studded food lineup

While moshing to Eminem or swaying to Shawn Mendes may be the reason you bought tickets, the festival's eclectic mix of vegan burgers, freakshakes, and good ole fried foods will keep you coming back for more. Luckily for you, I've compiled this year's most anticipated food vendors to keep you satiated and salivating in between sets. 

1. Big Mozz X Cookie DŌ

Calling all fair food enthusiasts, this one's for you. Two of the trendy food scene's heaviest hitters, Cookie DŌ and Big Mozz, are teaming up to produce the dessert you never knew you needed: fried cookie dough. Delectable dough, courtesy of DŌ, is balled and deep fried by the masters at Big Mozz. This chewy and sweet yet crunchy and slightly salty combination will have your taste buds dancing, too. 

2. Stuffed Ice Cream

Beatrice Forman

Next up on the dessert hit parade is the Cruff—two scoops of ice cream sandwiched between a fresh glazed doughnut. This combination of guilty pleasures is brought to you by Stuffed Ice Cream, who aim to turn ice cream into not just a midsummer treat, but an experience. Each Cruff is the product of some confectionary wizardy; the doughnut stays "fresh out of the oven" warm while the ice cream retains its cool temperature. 

#SpoonTip: Want more ice cream and less doughnut? Try their bouquets, a cone stuffed with 7 or 21 scoops of ice cream. 

3. John's Juice

Beatrice Forman

If there's one thing I love more than taking too many photos of my food, it's sustainability. Lucky for me, John's Juice cornered the market on both. With the slogan "All Juice, No Cups," this Smorgasburg and musical festival mainstay serves organic (and highly delicious) juices straight from the source in carved out pineapples or vibrant dragonfruits. If you're looking for an all natural source of energy that won't leave you crashing right before Eminem, then this is for you. 

4. The Bao Shoppe

Baos are steamed buns filled with a variety of meats, or as one food blogger calls them, "complete meals".  The Bao Shoppe takes this definition to a whole new level, using Asian delicacies as bases for elevated takes on American comfort foods. With mac'n'cheese spring rolls and Philly cheesesteak scallion wraps, The Bao Shoppe is serving some of this year's most exciting snacks. 

5. Bareburger

Beatrice Forman

Does your Govball squad include a hardcore carnivore, a vegan with a food blog, and a picky eater? If so, Bareburger is the perfect spot for you and your friends to fuel up on burgers so good, you'll forget they're healthy. Known for their variety of organic vegan and gluten-free options, this sustainable franchise renders "healthy cravings" into a reality, not an oxymoron. 

#SpoonTip: Skip the fries and order a side of onion rings for the ultimate power move. 

6. The Nugget Spot

When faced with a kids' menu, there are two types of people: those who order chicken nuggets, and those who order cheeseburgers. The Nugget Spot, as suggested by the name, is built for nugget people. Their adult-takes on chicken nuggets, including ones seasoned with sriracha or coated in ranch dressing, will leave you wondering why you ever stopped ordering from the kids' menu. 

7. Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

Beatrice Forman

Dubbed the best ice cream in New York City by me, an aspiring ice cream expert, Van Leeuwen is a GovBall game changer. Each vegan scoop is churned with cashew milk, leaving a delicious nutty aftertaste, while the dairy scoops are filled with wholesome ingredients that won't weigh you down. 

#SpoonTip: Trying to turn your ice cream into a meal? Yeah, me too. Opt for an ice cream sandwich, with cookies baked in house. 

8. Bluestone Lane

Beatrice Forman

Things millenials take seriously: music festivals, coffee, and avocado toast. 

Things Bluestone Lane takes seriously: music festivals, coffee, and avocado. 

This sounds like a perfect match. Known for their commitment to high quality Australian coffee, this cafe franchise is more than just a spot for a caffeine high. With chunky avocado toasts and flavorful chia puddings, Bluestone Lane's powerhouse lunch offerings will leave you hyped long after the final set. 

9. Sweet Chick

At Sweet Chick, hip-hop and soul food go together like Cardi B and Offset. The official brunch spot of choice by rap legend Nas, this east coast institution churns out chicken and waffles with unexpected twists. Whether a Bacon-Cheddar Waffle or a Fried Chicken Parmesan is calling your name, know that each Sweet Chick offering is a headliner in its own right. 

10. Korilla BBQ

Korilla BBQ serves the burritos and burrito bowls you never knew you needed. They're stuffed with Korean barbecue mainstays like kimchi and bulgogi beef, just a little bit oversized, and bursting with fresh flavors. What more could anyone ask for? 

11. Melt Shop

When I think of comfort food, I think of grilled cheeses with extra butter, thick vanilla shakes, and endless potato products. In other words, I think of Melt Shop, and chances are, you will too. Perfect for post headliner munchies or a lunch that will keep you satiated, this comfort food powerhouse is a real crowd pleaser. 

12. La Newyorkina

Beatrice Forman

La Newyorkina is a well traveled sweet tooth's dream. With an array of desserts channeling the flavors of Mexican paleta carts and ice cream shops, each treat packs a refreshing punch.

Whether you're Khalid's biggest fan, a food truck enthusiast, or a suburbanite jonesing for a weekend getaway, GovBall will not disappoint. With a food lineup more stacked than a game of jenga, you'll eat just as much you'll dance. 

#SpoonTip: Looking to kick off summer with a bang? Buy your GovBall tickets here and party on over to Randall's Island, June 1st-3rd.