We all know fair food has always been a bit out of the ordinary, but recently, fairs have been stepping up their foodie game. With everything from deep fried butter to Kool-Aid pickles, sometimes there are too many options to choose from. To help you navigate which fair foods are worth the visit, I've compiled a list of the 15 best fair foods all across America. 

15. Red Velvet Funnel Cake

Fairs always manage to take indulgence to a completely new level. Nothing represents that better than a red velvet funnel cake topped with cream cheese frosting. It's a great option if you're really tryna treat yo' self, but I'd definitely recommend splitting this one with a few friends. 

14. Cookies in a Cone

The Minnesota State Fair is home to the infamous Sweet Martha's Cookie Jar, where you can get a cone packed full of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Or, if you've got a big appetite, you can get a full bucket of cookies for just $15. Tell me that isn't Instagram worthy...

13. Navajo Tacos

Navajo Tacos are a speciality of the Southwest. At the Arizona State Fair you can find this delicious taco which is made using a fry bread base that is then layered with ground beef, pinto beans, lettuce, cheese, and salsa. The best part? Guac isn't extra, so you better load up. 

12. Cheesecake on a Stick 

If you need a nice, cool treat to help you chill on a hot day, then try a chocolate dipped cheesecake. These treats are available at almost every fair location and can be customized with a variety of toppings like sprinkles and chopped nuts. This is worth the calories, trust me.

11. Teriyaki Chicken Pineapple Boat

There's no mistaking that this beauty comes from no other than the San Diego County Fair. For this beachy treat, teriyaki chicken and rice are piled into a hallowed out pineapple and topped with some spicy sriracha. It's a delicious option that will satisfy your taste buds without weighing you down (unlike many of the other foods on this list). Definitely try this one out if your trying to stay healthy.

10. Cookie Fries 

The cookie fries debuted in 2016 at the State Fair of Texas, where it won an award for the most creative treat of the year. This adorable dessert comes in a sugar cookie or a chocolate chip variety and is even served with a side of strawberry or chocolate dipping sauce. Yum.

9. Fried Cheese Curds 

Another classic example of the best fair foods America has to offer? Fried cheese curds from the Minnesota State Fair. These gooey bites make for a great grab 'n go snack as you walk around the fair, trying to decide what ride is up next.

8. Turkey Leg

Outside of Disneyland, fairs are the next best place to find a good ol' turkey leg. They're available at almost any state fair, and you can find them in a variety of forms, from cajun spiced to bacon wrapped. 

7. Corn in a Cup

The Iowa State Fair take corn on the cob up a notch with Corn in a Cup. This cup is made with a base of sweet Iowa corn that is then covered in a layer of of chorizo sausage, cheese, lime juice, mayo, butter and topped with a sprinkle of spices. 

6. Deep Fried PB&J

Another highlight from the selection of deep fried foods, is the deep fried PB&J from the State Fair of Texas. If the French have taught us anything with their classic Monte Cristos, it's that sandwiches deserve to be fried and coated in powdered sugar. This bad boy is my childhood dream come true.

5. Cannoli Dessert Nachos

These Italian Dessert Nachos are one of the most creative sweets to come out of the Minnesota State Fair this year.  With a base of cinnamon sugar cannoli chips, smothered with a sweet ricotta cheese mix and topped with fresh fruit, chopped nuts, and chocolate sauce, you're sure to (happily) go into a food coma.

4. Pizza Cone

The Florida State Fair pizza cone is a delicious remake of a well-loved treat. To make this, a bread cone is filled with layers of gooey cheese, sauce, and pepperoni for an even more portable version of pizza. You're welcome, America.

3. Deep Fried Snickers

What's a fair without some deep fried candy bars? Deep fried Snickers secure their spot at number three because ingenious combo of melted chocolate, gooey caramel, and crunchy peanuts blend and that deep fried dough. If you have not yet blessed your taste buds with this delicious treat, I highly recommend you start looking for the nearest fair. 

2. Fried Chicken in a Waffle Cone

Another standout vendor at the Minnesota State Fair is The Blue Barn, a restaurant that prides itself in taking fair food up another level. One of their most renowned items is their Fried Chicken in a Waffle Cone which they top with their house-made gravy. It's the kind of unique combo that you can only find at a state fair. If you're looking for savory, look no farther.

1. Deep Fried Oreos 

And of course, nothing can beat the most classic fair food of all: deep fried Oreos! Deep frying Oreos completely changes their texture from crunchy to cake-like, giving your tastebuds a whole new experience The combination of the pancake batter, chocolate-y Oreos, and sweet creme make these treats unforgettable. 

So take advantage of the nice weather and go explore your local fair where you