It's the middle of the summer and that can only mean one thing. No, I'm not talking about "The Bachelorette" season finale. (#TeamBlake) I'm talking about Panorama, midsummer's hottest music festival. Located on Randall's Island from July 27th through 29th, this festival combines all the flavors of summer: the hottest music, the most Instagrammable setting, and the most decadent food. 

Earlier this week, this east coast Coachella dropped its food vendor lineup, and let me tell you, the festival did not come to play. Whether moshing to The Killers or reliving that middle school fantasy of going to a Lil Wayne concert is the reason you came, Panorama's eclectic mix of decadent ice creams, brunch staples, and like, all the tacos will be the reason you stay. Lucky for you, I've compiled this year's most anticipated food vendors to keep you full and functioning between sets.

1. DŌ x Big Mozz:

Fried food fiends, this one's for you. Two of the trendy food scene's biggest names, Big Mozz and Cookie DŌ, are collaborating on what may just be the GOAT of desserts: fried cookie dough. Decadent dough, courtesy of DŌ's expert bakers, are then battered and fried with the upmost mastery, thanks to Big Mozz. This gooey and sugary yet crunchy combo will have your taste buds singing, too.

2. Avocoderia:

If there's one industry millennial aren't killing, it's avocados. We love them so, much, in fact, it may even stave off home ownership. All jokes aside, I love avocados and struggle to go a day without eating one. But thanks to Avocaderia, a restaurant dedicated to showcasing this badass fruit, you won't have to. Throughout Panorama weekend, expect a greatest hits collection of avocado themed eats: thick avocado smoothies, refreshing salad bowls, and top-notch avocado toast.

3. Emmy Squared:

New Yorkers take little more serious than their pizza and burgers. So when they readily accept a slice wholeheartedly different than the ones hawked on every block, you know it's good. Emmy Square specializes in Detroit style pizza, which is square, doughy, saucy, and nothing like a $1 slice. They also serve the best burger in the United States, atleast according to  the "Today Show" and your friend who stop photographing her food.

Expect a master class in carbs from Emmy Squared during Panorama. Order a Le Big Matt burger, served on a pretzel bun with all the American cheese and pickles one could ask for, and don't look back.

4. Eggloo:

Waffles and ice cream go together like Ariana Grande, Pete Davidson and outrageous public displays of affection. Eggloo marries Hong Kong style egg waffles with imaginative ice cream flavors for a dessert double whammy. From the waffle's crispy edge to the ice cream's melty creaminess, this dessert will have you feeling all the feelings. 

5. Loco Coco:

Smoothie bowls are basically Gogurt for adults. A fun yet sly take on ensuring you get your 5 a day, Loco Coco's bowls are stunningly delicious, and teeming with fiber, antioxidants, and a whole alphabet of vitamins. By blending fruit to a near ice-cream like texture and adding a smorgasbord of toppings (hello apple honey!), Loco Coco creates edible art. 

6. Mighty Quinn's BBQ:

Summer wouldn't be summer without barbecue. Stop by Mighty Quinn's during Panorama for a taste of Southern hospitality. Dine on slow cooked brisket and pulled pork straight from the pit, or opt for all the sides — mac'n'cheese, corn fritters, and yes, loaded fries.

7. Ice & Vice:

The people behind those outrageously tall ice cream stacks flooding your social media feed, Ice and Vice turns dessert into an experience. Known for their experimental flavors, like Opium Den, which is churned with poppy seeds and lemon bread croutons, this LES ice cream institution will bring nothing short of decadence to Randall's island.

8. Korilla BBQ:

Korilla BBQ doesn't make regular burritos and bowls, they make ~cool~ burritos and bowls. Peppered with Korean BBQ cornerstones, like kimchi and baby bok choy, each bowl and burrito is jam packed with fresh ingredients and bold flavors. 

9. Trapizzino:

If you know me, you know there's a special place in my heart for cute foods. Little is cuter than Trapizzino, an adorably puffy pocket of pizza dough filled with tastes of the Italian countryside, like fresh burrata, veal, and herbs. These portable pizza-sandwich hybrids were made for snacking on the dance floor, deeming them the unofficial food of Panorama.

10. John's Juice:

If there's one thing I love more than repping my city, it's saving the environment. Lucky for me, John's Juice corners the market on both. Touting the slogan "All Juice, No Cups," this native New York brand and Smorgasburg staple peddles organic (and addictive) juice directly from the source in carved out coconuts or watermelons. If you're looking for a refreshing beverage, or some killer Instagram fodder, then John's Juice is for you.

Whether you're Migos biggest fan, a food truck connoisseur, or a bridge-and-tunnel teen looking for a killer festival experience, Panorama will not disappoint. With a food lineup more stacked than the NBA's western conference, you'll eat just as much as you dance. 

#SpoonTip: Ready to beat those midsummer doldrums? Buy your Panorama tickets here, and shimmy on over to Randall's Island, July 27th - 29th.