Fresh Market can be described as a cross between Whole Foods and Trader Joe's, but it's the overall best choice. Fresh Market immediately makes customers feel welcome with their colorful fruits and flowers right as you walk in, classical music playing in the background, and a delicious aroma coming from the bakery.

Fresh Market not only offers customers a wide variety of prepared meals when you're looking for something quick, but also a huge bulk section that includes various dried fruits, trail mix, candy, and more. So next time you find yourself at a Fresh Market, make sure you check out some of these items.

1. Flowers

Caroline Alexander

Wake up and smell the roses. It's not by accident that Fresh Market has their floral department front and center. These flowers range from beautiful bouquets to tall orchids that are delivered fresh multiple times a week. Their vibrant flowers are always at a low price, making it very afforadble for anyone wanting to do a little extra.

2. Mary's Crackers

chocolate, sweet, cookie
Caroline Alexander

An organic cracker free of all gluten, dairy and wheat – so you know you're getting the real deal. These crackers have the perfect crisp and crunch, making them a great snack to pair with any soup or dip. It also comes in a few different flavors, including black pepper, Italian herb, and jalapeño. 

3. Vegan Products

milk, dairy product
Caroline Alexander

With renewed attention around veganism, Fresh Market offers a variety of "animal free" products to appeal to everyone's needs. Some of these items include dairy-free cream cheese and yogurt, and they also have many frozen meatless entrees. 

4. Fresh Sushi

Caroline Alexander

If you're on the search for the best store-bought sushi, Fresh Market is the place to go. Their sushi is prepared and made fresh daily, ensuring you're getting the highest-quality. Also, there's always an in-store sushi chef on site that can personalize any roll to your particular liking. From the basic California roll to the more extravagant rolls such as the dragon roll, there's something for everyone. 

5. Califia Farms Cold Brew

beer, chocolate, coffee
Caroline Alexander

Califia Farms, commonly known for their plant-based milks, has taken it to another level with their new cold brew coffees. This delicious drink incorporates the best combo, dairy-free milk and coffee, while still making it possible to take on the go. Not to mention the many tasty flavors such as dirty chai, mocha, and of course the seasonal favorite, pumpkin spice. 

6. Seasonal Dipped Pretzels

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Caroline Alexander

Speaking of seasonal favorites, Fresh Market has an arrary of yogurt and chocolate-covered pretzels for the holiday season. Since they are a customer-friendly store, they often offer samples so that you're able to try before you buy. And trust me, you'll be going back for seconds. Even though some of these flavors are seasonal, Fresh Market always has a bulk section featuring pretzels, nuts, and more.

7. Crispie Cookies

bread, chocolate
Caroline Alexander

One of the many aromas that lingers throughout the entire store comes from the bakery, which serves up gourmet desserts and baked goods daily. One in particular are the crispie cookies, a perfect combination between a buttery crunch and soft bite. These crispie cookies come in many different flavors such as chocolate chip, honey oatmeal raisin, and my personal favorite, the kitchen sink. 

8. Pumpkin Butter

butter, peanut butter, peanut
Caroline Alexander

Fall is the official season for pumpkin spice and everything nice, making it a no brainer for Fresh Market to hop on the the seasonal craze. This custom spread is one of the many festive items that is offered at all stores for a limited time only. Don't hesitate to pop this rich pumpkin butter on top of toast, pancakes, or parfaits when you're looking for a sweet spread.  

9. Gelato Bar

Caroline Alexander

Looking to dine while you shop, Fresh Market has a house-made gelato bar that let's you take your scoop on the go. This creamy and decadent gelato comes in many flavors, so of course you're given the option for free samples. Their gelato is such a fan favorite that it's also sold by the pint in the freezer section. 

10. Edible Cookie Dough

beer, stout
Caroline Alexander

Looking to indulge yourself in a cookie dough that won't give you salmonella? This edible cookie dough is meant to be eaten straight from the jar. This dough is so delicious and delectable, one of our Spoon writers decided to share it with all of us. Although this product is sold at a limited number of fine supermarkets, Fresh Market has you covered. 

#SpoonTip: Fresh Market sells cotton candy-flavored grapes during the month of August, so make sure you grab yourself a bag during the summer season.