Seattle is known as one of the most caffeinated cities in the world. With the city being home to big powerhouse coffee shops such as Starbucks and Cafe Allegro, it's easy to forget that Seattle has some awesome spots for non-caffeinated options. After all, despite the fact that most of Seattle's population loves their coffee, there's still a minority of non-coffee drinkers out there that love their tea.

Here's a list of awesome places that specialize in tea for when you prefer a less caffeinated option for your hot beverage of choice or if you just want to take a break from coffee.

1. Tea Republik

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Tea Republik is a prominent tea house in Seattle with two locations in the University District and Capitol Hill. They offer a variety of tea drinks, ranging from sweetened teas with cream to several different types of tea served plain. Their range of flavors include classics like Earl Grey or more adventurous blends like Kiwi Strawberry fruit tea. 

This charming little tea house is great for studying, meeting up with people, or just reading a book with a great cup of tea by your side. You can take your tea to go, but the colorful tea set that they serve stay ins is absolutely charming, and great for all those artsy Instagram pictures.

2. Cederberg Tea House

This tea house located in Queen Anne is a one of a kind place, being one of the few tea houses in Seattle that offers South African-style tea and treats. Cederberg Tea House is known for their roobios espresso, which is roobios tea (a caffeine-free tea grown in South Africa) finely ground up and pulled through an espresso machine. With the way that they prepare their tea, you can have your favorite coffee drinks without the caffeine.

Want something to eat with your tea? Cederberg Tea House offers a variety of South African treats, such as Melkert, a type of custard tart, and a variety of savory options. They also have tea parties where you and your friends can have South African-style afternoon tea complete with different types of South African treats.

3. Panama Hotel Tea and Coffee House

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The Panama Hotel Tea and Coffee House is a great place if you want to explore some of Seattle's rich history within the International District.

Even though the tea house itself is only 15 years old, Panama which the tea house is attached to, is over 100 years old, and is considered a historical monument. The basement of the hotel hid several belongings of Japanese Americans who were put in internment camps during World War II. 

The tea house offers a wide variety of beverages ranging from Peach Blossom white tea to different types of tea lattes. The tea house also has a food menu, which includes a mochi menu, and you can choose from a list of delicious sweets.

4. Remedy Teas

If you want a tea house that will give you something new every time, Remedy Teas is the place to come to. With a range of 150 different types of teas, Remedy Teas offers an equally impressive selection of tea-based drinks such as the typical tea lattes, organic matcha tea, and tea smoothies.

Hungry while drinking your tea? Remedy teas not only offers a selection of baked goods, with many of them being gluten-free, but they offer "hi-tea trios:" a take on the traditional afternoon tea, which allows you to customize the treats with your meal, and is served all day.

5. Seattle Best Tea

If you're curious about traditional tea ceremonies and how tea is prepared, Seattle Best Tea is the place to go. Located in the International District, Seattle Best Tea offers traditional Taiwanese-style tea.

As you sit down at the tables, not only do you enjoy tea, but you are served by Lydia Lin, one of the owners, and you get to learn about how the tea you are drinking is processed and prepared.

If you don't have enough time to sit down and drink tea, or you're not really into brewed tea, they also offer a great selection of bubble/boba tea for you to take to go. If you need something a little sweeter, they also offer ice cream.

6. ShareTea

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This Taiwanese-based boba tea chain is one of the most authentic places to try boba tea for the first time. This spot is loved by international students from Taiwan, with the line going out the door during the busiest of hours.

Not only does its international appeal make ShareTea different from the bubble/boba tea spots in Seattle, but the endless customization options make it stand out. At ShareTea, you can choose what type of drink you want, the sweetness level you want, the amount of ice, and the type of toppings. My go-to combination is the classic black tea, with 50% sweetness, 100% ice, and mini pearls.

7.  Oasis Tea Zone

Even though there's significant competition from shops such as ShareTea, Oasis Tea Zone is still considered the top boba/bubble tea spot in Seattle. This shop is spread all around Seattle with locations in the International District and in the University District. 

With its funky decoration and blaring music, Oasis Tea Zone is a awesome place to meet up with friends, grab drinks and play Jenga all night while drinking. It doesn't matter if you're a novice at drinking boba/bubble tea, or a seasoned expert, Oasis offers a variety of great drinks.

You could stick with choosing one of the milk tea flavors or if you're feeling adventurous, try one of their specialty drinks such as the avocado shake.

8. Miro Tea

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This tea room probably has the largest variety of teas and tea drinks in Seattle. Located in Ballard, Miro Tea offers over 150 types of tea, a large selection of tea lattes, an entire section of chai lattes, and a menu of ice tea fusions. Miro also offers customers the option of having their brewed tea served with the Gaiwan service, giving customers an authentic Chinese tea service.

Besides the wide selection of tea options, you can also get a selection of food. Most customers love eating crepes with their tea, which come in the sweet or savory options. If you really love their tea, you can also order it in bulk online.

9. Teavana Fine Teas and Tea Bar

You're probably familiar with Teavana if you've gone to a Starbucks once in your life. Despite the fact that you can use your Starbucks cards here, this tea bar sets itself apart from Starbucks. The decor is brighter than the typical Starbucks, and the variety of tea is larger as well. You can also get the typical Chai lattes, along with different types of tea lattes, such as the London Fog latte, or an Earl Grey Latte.

If you want something to eat, the tea bar also offers salads and sandwiches, which are a little more than just the standard pastries at Starbucks. You can also browse around the shop, as they also sell teas and tea accessories that you can take home.

10. Queen Mary Tea Room

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Looking for a nice place to take your relatives, to have a special event, or a fancy event? The Queen Mary Tea Room is definitely the place to go if you want a meal with Victorian elegance. Afternoon tea is served all day and comes with a selection of savories and sweets accompanied by a wide selection of tea. Don't be too intimidated by the $37 price tag. The food will fill you up fast.

As a top spot to go have afternoon tea, the Queen Mary Tea Room is often compared to the Georgian Restaurant, as they are both pricey and have a large selection of afternoon tea. However, what sets the Queen Mary Tea Room apart is that if you enjoyed the tea experience so much, you can go to their online store and buy your favorite teas and tea sets.