Chelsea Market claims one of the most universally recognized names in food; it is arguably the best-known food hall in the world. Around 6 million tourists filter in and out of its old brick walls every year, all with the same intention: to experience the delicious food tucked into countless restaurants and kiosks.

A lesser known fact about Chelsea Market is that the often-overlooked elevators throughout the halls lead to office spaces in the upper levels of the building. This summer I was fortunate enough to intern in one of these offices, and as a result, ate lunch in the market. Every. Single. Day. Much to the contestation of my wallet, I was constantly happy and very well fed.

With over 50 vendors, navigating the chaotic corridor of Chelsea Market can be quite difficult, particularly when it comes to deciding on what exactly to eat. So, this is my gift to the world: an inside, and relatively objective, look at where you can find the best meals.

1. Friedman’s

Friedman’s is the unspoken hero of NYC. Not only does it offer countless sandwiches, salads, and brunch options that are truly out of this world, but it is also the home of arguably the cheapest breakfast sandwich in the city. Ask for an egg and cheese on toast, and it’s only $5. Hot sauce is free.

Insider tip: call to order beforehand so you beat the line.

2. Num Pang

Inspired by Southeast-Asian street food, Num Pang’s menu consists of mouthwatering sandwiches stuffed with pork belly, pickled cabbage, plenty of veggies and enough Sriracha to add just enough heat. A must-try when visiting the market!

3. Takumi

Calling all Chipotle lovers who also have a thing for sushi - Takumi is your dream come true. With customizable Japanese-inspired tacos, nachos and burrito bowls, Takumi is always delicious, filling and so satisfying.

4. Mokbar

Everybody loves ramen, and Mokbar has some of the best yet. The broth's Korean flavors mixed with the spiciness of the chilies gives these dishes a unique, and truly incredible taste.

5. Tuk Shop

Tuk Shop is one of those places that I overlooked at first, but soon discovered that they offer one of the best salads I have ever had. It is simple, with the base consisting only of kale, but interesting, with a sweet, light, and tangy dressing that has you savoring every bite.

6. Hale and Heart

If you are a fellow soup-lover, then definitely pay a visit to Hale and Hearty. Their soups are out of this world, and the options are extensive. Every flavor I tried had a great texture, and perfect balance of spices.

7. Los Tacos No. 1

The line for Los Tacos is typically very intimidating, but it passes much quicker than expected. Considered the home of some of the best tacos in NYC, this is a necessary stop on your adventuring through the market.

8. Chalait

If I’m being honest, I spent way too much time here. Centered around matcha-based food items, Chalait had me instantly addicted. The breakfast smoothie bowl will revive you after a night out, or give an extra spring in your step on any other morning. They also make their own nut milk. This is the type of restaurant I dream about.

9. Los Mariscos

I ate here my first day of work, and it was definitely not my last. With a concise menu consisting of a variety of fish tacos, ceviche, and margaritas, Los Mariscos offers possibly the best lunch options in the market. To make things better, in order to find the restaurant you have to weave behind a wall, removing it from the rest of the market and giving a taco-speakeasy feel.

10. Dizen Goff

If I could rate something 11/10, it would be Dizen Goff. This is easily the best hummus I have ever eaten, and the best pita bread to accompany it. The flavors change on a weekly basis, and are always made fresh, but the classic flavor of tahini and paprika is always an option, and a good one at that. The owners originate from Tel Aviv, so this is some of the most authentic hummus out there.

If these 10 vendors aren't enough to get you into Chelsea Market, check out some of the other vendors, such as Amy's Bread, Posman's Books or l'Arte del Gelato. No matter where you end up, satisfaction will almost certainly be guaranteed.