In light of the garbage that is 2017, I found (dare I say) a solace. Yep, you know what I'm talking about -- an unknown marketing angel decided to bless us all with the announcement of endless apps, forever, at TGI Fridays for the small cost of $10. *Cue Ryan Gosling Notebook voice* "I want all of you, forever, you and me, every day." 

Buuuuut this was apparently all a lie because TGI Fridays just high-key raised its Endless Apps' prices. 

Mackenzie Behm

The price went from $10 to $15. That's objectively a huge jump. 

Usually, price raises can range from a dollar to two dollars more, but this leap is 50 percent of the old cost added on. I mean, WHAT?

Before, I could sit in a TGI Fridays and eat mozzarella sticks buffet-style without even having to move an inch. And now? I'm sitting in my PJs -- crying. Who could do such a thing? I feel like an angry Facebook mom. 

I kind of get it, though. TGI Fridays became a place that wasn't TGI Fridays anymore. It transformed into "that-restaurant-that-has-Endless-Apps" because who in his right mind would order anything else when you could get a personal buffet for $10? For the price of $15, though, I could go to a REAL buffet -- or whatever that means.  

For that five dollar difference, I could actually buy a lot of things.

I could buy a S'mores Frappe from Starbucks, a decent tip for my hardworking waitress, the answers to my quizzes on Chegg, ET CETERA.

In the end, hopefully TGI Fridays will see this trash article and realize its mistake. Until then, catch me at Applebees for the famed Dollaritas. Now THAT'S a deal.