Flying is the worst.  From packing, to waiting in never ending lines, to terrible airplane food, the only good thing is pretty much the destination. But, at JFK, there are many delicious food options to help alleviate the pains associated with traveling. JFK has six terminals, which were not created equal when it comes to food options. 

Everyone knows there's nothing worse than traveling while you're hangry. So, before you get to that point, here are the best food spots to go to before your flight at JFK, depending on what terminal you're in and what you're craving. 

Terminal 1

Terminal 1 isn't the greatest terminal for eating, but it's definitely not the worst either. Here are your best bets if you're hungry and stuck in Terminal 1.

1. Where to go for a quick bite: New York Hotdog & Coffee

This is the place to go if you're feeling like a bulgogi hot dog or an equally creative alternative.

2. Where to go if you're not going somewhere international, but wish you were: Eat & Go Istanbul

If you're not going somewhere particularly exciting and want to pretend you are, by doing some international eating, check out Eat & Go Istanbul, which has all different types of Turkish food.

3. Where to go if you need to do some drinking: Martini BarMedalist Bar, or Idlewild Wine Bar

If the security line got you too stressed out and all you need is a drink, check out Martini Bar for cocktails, Medalist Bar for a sports bar feel, or Idlewild Wine Bar for the perfect glass of red.

Terminal 2

Terminal 2 was recently redone and they paired with well known chefs to do some epic things for foodies.

1. Where to go if you want a sandwich or a salad: Croque Madame

Croque Madame is Andrew Carmellini's restaurant. Andrew Carmellini opened many delicious and well known restaurants in Manahattan including The Dutch, Locanda Verde, and Lafayette. He also spent many weekends cooking for New York’s former Governor, Mario Cuomo, in Albany.

2. Where to go if you want pizza: Tagliare

If you're feeling like pizza, definitely check out Tagliare. It is Dom DeMarco Jr.'s restaurant (the is the son of the Di Fara's creator). If you don't know, Di Fara is a delicious pizza place in Brooklyn. It has been around since 1959 and has been rated "Best... Pizza in New York" several times by many publications. 

3. Where to go if you want sushi: Shiso

If you're looking for sushi, definitely try Shiso. Shiso was created by Morimoto's chef, Robby Cook. I've been to Morimoto, and I can tell you that it's delicious. Every single person in my party of six liked everything they ordered. 

4. Where to go if you want a gourmet meal: Due Amici

If you're not feeling pizza or sushi and want something more savory, check out Due Amici. Due Amici is the work of Cesare Casella, who was the previous chef at Salumeria Rosi. This is the place to go to get some pasta or a charcuterie and cheese spread in Terminal 2.

5. Where to go if you need a beer: BRKLYN Beer Garden

If you like beer, definitely check out BKLYN Beer Garden, which has over 20 beers on tap — many from New York state. In addition to beer, they also have a menu from Laurent Tourondel. Laurent Tourondel has restaurants in ten cities and is most well known for his five outposts of BLT Steak.

Terminal 4

In my opinion, this is any foodie's favorite terminal. Terminal 4 has a bunch of delicious restaurants that you'd want to eat at. Although Terminal 2 has the nicer dining scene on lock, not everyone gets to the airport early enough to experience a sit-down meal, making, in my opion, Terminal 4 superior.

1. Where to go if you're feeling like a burger: Shake Shack

First of all, there are two Shake Shack outposts. Not only can you get the entire Shake Shack menu here, but you can also get their breakfast sandwiches.

2. Where to go if you're in the mood for a pastry: La Brea Bakery

If you have friends from LA, I'm sure you've heard them talk about Nancy Silverton's La Brea Bakery. La Brea Bakery is the spot to go for a pastry or a sandwich. They also have salads, but you'd be crazy to pass up their delicious bread

3. Where to go if you're feeling like BBQ: Blue Smoke

If you haven't made it to Danny Meyer's Blue Smoke in the city, no need to fret. You can go to the on the road version in Terminal 4. The executive chef is Jean-Paul Bourgeois and his food is seriously delicious.

4. Where to go if you're thinking about steak: The Palm Bar & Grille

Normally, you wouldn't think to travel to the airport to get a steak, but if you're there and craving one, definitely go to The Palm Bar & Grille, which is a version of the well known Manhattan steakhouse. 

5. Where to go if you need a drink: Tigin Irish Pub or Le Grand Comptoir

If you're more interested in drinking than eating, Terminal 4 can accommodate your liquid diet. If you want a beer, go to Tigin Irish Pub, and if you want wine, go to Le Grand Comptoir. 

Terminal 5

I'm a big believer in getting to the airport as late as possible to still make your flight. For example, the last time I flew, I got to the airport at 7:55 am for my 8:25 am flight. Don't worry, I made the plane, but if you're leaving from Terminal 5, I'd actually recommend getting to the airport early because it has some solid sit-down restaurants.

1. Where to go if you want Italian food: AeroNuova

Mark Ladner's AeroNuova is the place to go if you needed a big plate of pasta in front of you yesterday. Mark Ladner is the chef of Del Posto, which is a delicious, upscale Italian restaurant in the Meatpacking District.

2. Where to go if you're feeling like a steak: 5ive Steak

Like Terminal 4, you can also get a good steak in Terminal 5 at 5ive Steak. Additionally, if you're flight is really delayed, there's a super fun bar scene here.

3. Where to go if you're in the mood for French food: Brasserie La Vie

If you're on your way to Paris and just can't wait for the delicious French food you're about to eat, check out La Vie. This is also a great option for those who wish they were going to Paris (all of us). La Vie is a small Parisian bistro owned by chefs Riad Nasr and Lee Hanson, who used to be the chefs at Minetta Tavern.

4. Where to go if you have a sushi craving: Deep Blue Sushi

If you're craving sushi and are not in Terminal 2, no worries, just head over to Deep Blue Sushi. The menu was created by Buddakan's chef, Michael Schulson, and it's under the sea, out of this world. If you're running short on time, they have delicious sushi and sashimi options to go.

5. Where to go if you wish you were going to Spain: Piquillo Tapas Bar

If you're not excited about where you are going, just go to Alex Raij's Piquillo Tapas Bar, grab some Spanish snacks and drinks, and pretend you're on a plane to Barcelona. By the time you're done eating and drinking, you'll be happy enough to get on the plane to go wherever your flight is actually going to.

6. Where to go if you want dessert: Baked by Melissa or Dylan's Candy Bar

More of a dessert person? No problem. Terminal 5 has your back. Additionally, if you're like me and probably will never get to an airport early enough to eat at the delicious restaurants listed above, just grab a treat at Baked by Melissa or Dylan's Candy Bar.

Terminal 7

If your flight leaves from Terminal 7, I'm really sorry, but your options are limited, at best. 

1. Where to go if you want something quick: Wolfgang Puck Express

Wolfgang Puck Express is your best bet if you want a soup, sandwich, or pizza.  Honestly, it's not that exciting, but hopefully, wherever you're going is more exciting and can get you through one boring meal.

2. Where to go if you want to sit: Todd English's Bonfire 

If you're stuck in Terminal 7 with some time to kill and want to spend your time eating, Todd English's Bonfire is your best bet. You're not going to have the greatest meal of your life here, but the food should be good enough and it's a large place, so you can linger if you need to.

Terminal 8

Although it's no Terminal 4 or 5, Terminal 8 is definitely better than Terminal 7. 

1. Where to go if you need deli food: Brooklyn National Deli

Want a pastrami sandwich or a hot dog? Brooklyn National Deli has you covered. You can get pretty solid, fresh food here. Nothing will be life changing, but nothing will ruin your day either.

2. Where to go if you're looking for alcohol: Vino Volo Wine Room, Drink Martini Bar,  New York Sports Bar, or Cascata

Terminal 8 may not have the greatest food, but it is pretty set on the alcohol front. There is Vino Volo Wine Room, Drink Martini Bar, and New York Sports Bar. Additionally, there is also Cascata, which has a wine bar with small plates. Cascata is also a good place to grab a sandwich, smoothie, or salad for your flight.

3. Where to go if you want to have a leisurely meal: Bobby Van's Steakhouse

Bobby Van's is a small chain of chophouses, which serve steaks and other classic fare that you'd expect. Bobby Van's is the same deal at JFK as the other locations. You're going to get delicious food at high prices here. If you feel like splurging, you won't be disappointed.

Now that you have the low down on the food scene at JFK, I expect all of your to book flights leaving from Terminals 2, 4, or 5. If that is not possible, at least now you know where to go for your best options at Terminals 1, 7, and 8.

In all seriousness, getting delicious food before your flight is definitely going to help with the hanger associated with flying. Everyone knows that if you are already in a bad mood, you will inevitably have the seat next to a screaming baby and you will have wished you got an order of Shake Shack fries to go for the flight.