Here's a list of places on the Ave that cost under $10:

Sizzle and Crunch

This is the Vietnamese version of Chipotle, making it quick and easy, on the go, and under $10. Choose to get a bowl or banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich), select a type of meat, add rice, choose from a large variety of veggies and toppings, and splash a hint of soy or fish sauce. The line moves fast and the options Sizzle and Crunch provides are healthy as well!

chicken, sandwich, pork
Amanda Shulman

Thaiger Room

Walking up and down the Ave, Thaiger room is the most trustworthy Thai restaurant in my book, not to mention delicious as well. This thai restaurant has the highest food safety ratings and is on the lower end of costs too. The classics, like pad thai, pad see-ew, and pineapple fried rice are a must try!

Aladdin Falafel Corner

Aladdin is notorious for their openings till 3 AM, making it a popular spot after a night out with friends. The friendly owners greet their customers with the biggest smile and love to joke around. One highlight of this menu is the amazing Aladdin Fries covered in garlic sauce, feta cheese, and gyro meat or chicken. The food here and the late closing time appeal to college students, whether they’re having a night out or a late study session.

Pho Shizzle

There are many pho places on the Ave, however Pho Shizzle definitely wins for most affordable! Every time I’ve been there, the hostess quickly seats customers and takes orders, making it a great sit down place if you’re in a hurry. The different bowl sizes of pho are under $10 as well, typically ranging anywhere from $5-$9, not to mention the great deal of toppings and meat it comes with!

ramen, noodles, pho
Milana Yemelyanova

Just Burgers

A popular burger place that serves noteworthy burgers for a low price! There is even a UW burger on the menu with onion rings inside, which I recommend you order with a side of waffle fries and one of their famous Oreo shakes. You can also opt for a lettuce wrap or a vegetarian option, and just like everything else in this place, it's customizable! 

Hawaiian BBQ

Large portions of fried rice, katsu, eggs, and teriyaki, all at an inexpensive price! I typically split my meal into two before even digging in because of how huge the portion sizes are. Hawaiian BBQ is known for their campus plates, naming dishes after different fraternities associated with UW. This makes their food more fun and personable, especially if you’re in one of the fraternities.

Chi Mac

Wings for days, that’s what Chi Mac has to offer. The marination they use is made on site, and they only use non-frozen chicken so you can guarantee it's fresh. With several types of wings on the menu in addition to a couple sides, Chi Mac is a great spot to have a casual dinner with a large group of friends. Their speciality is wings that come in large quantities in baskets, making it a unique dining experience. Try the popular "Pride Chicken", Korean wings, Soy Garlic wings or the classic Naked wings.

chicken wings, chicken, Bowl
Casey Tang


With boba taking over the world of drinks as aesthetic, trendy, and delicious, boba shops are all over the Ave. However, Oasis takes first for the best deal, especially since boba can cost quite a bit with the number of toppings and variety of flavors. Oasis has relocated a of couple stores down their original and expanded the place to accommodate the flow of customers. Offering tasty bites like popcorn chicken or waffle fries along with the range of boba flavors, Oasis is definitely a go to shop!


A Vietnamese influenced beverage and dessert shop, Bambu is the place to satisfy any sweet cravings. Whether it’s to study or go out on a date, Bambu has a great ambience. The atmosphere is chill with many places to sit and chat. You’ll also get your money’s worth by going with a friend and splitting a dessert, such as the shaved ice topped with fresh fruit and condensed milk.

Rancho Bravos Tacos

Ranch Bravos was a highly recommended restaurant on the Ave whenever I asked for suggestions from friends. The first thing I noticed was the light and friendly environment, from the smiling workers to the brightly painted walls. They serve anything from tacos to burritos to bowls, with a variety of meat selections like steak, chicken, spicy pork, carnitas, and some specialties like lengua, tripa, and fish!

meat, vegetable, bread, tacos, chicken, beef, salsa, parsley, sauce, chili
Kathleen Lee