Coffee fuels the soul, but when you're stuck in the library memorizing facts or studying, it's not always by our side when we most need it. It would just be so simple if we could have coffee in an IV. You would think that this would be a thing already in 2019 but it isn't. The closest thing one can get to this though is by studying in a place where you're constantly close to the sweet coffee supply, a coffee shop. There's so many coffee shops in New York City, and no, I'm not just talking about your typical Starbucks, Dunkin, or Pret A Manger. There's so many other coffee shops near Baruch College you can go to so you can feel energized and be productive

Lots of Baruch students usually go the Starbucks because it's across the street, or even Gregory's Coffee that's a block away for their caffeine fix and a place to sit and do work simultaneously. It gets boring though going to the same coffee shop. It's time to switch it up, even if it means to walk a little more to a new coffee place. 

1. Black Press Coffee 

This coffee shop is small and quaint, and only a few blocks away on Lexington Avenue and 27th street. Bonus points for it also having WiFi so you can feel like you're being productive doing work but really going on Facebook or watching Youtube food videos. I've been there. 

2. Le Pain Quotidien 

I highly recommend this spot if you have a lot of work to do. They have a great lunch menu and their iced coffee is pretty good. Plus it's a big space situated right near the Flat Iron building. If you come here, I recommend you go to the second floor and get a table (for the window views pictured above). 

3. Toby's Estate Coffee 

Walk slowly when you're on 5th avenue because you might miss this. It's tucked inside a clothing store, but when you enter it's like a regular coffee shop. Once you order your cappuccino or latte, you can head to the back where you're surrounded by books and there's a table in the middle you can do your work at. 

4. Think Coffee

Rehmat Sakrani

Personally, this is one of my favorite coffee shops that's not Starbucks. What I love about it is the atmosphere and design. Located on 3rd avenue and 21st street, it's perfect walking distance from school. Though this spot doesn't have WiFi, it's a great spot if you have to read or do homework that doesn't require the internet. Plus, it's a good idea to disconnect from the internet for awhile; it can be relaxing. 

5. Daily Provisions 

Hannah Sarraf

This place is right on 19th street off of Park Avenue. Founded by the same person who started Shake Shack (Danny Meyer), this place is quite the opposite serving pastries, coffee, and a full menu of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It also has WiFi, so you can work and eat at the same time. 

6. Peet's Coffee 

Rehmat Sakrani

If you're in the Union Square area, head to this place on the corner of 14th street and Broadway. You'll also have to walk slowly here because it's inside a bank, but there's plenty of table space for you to settle in and do work. 

7. Irving Farm Coffee Roasters

Rehmat Sakrani

Walk along Irving Plaza, past Gramercy Park, to go to this cute rustic coffee shop with warm vibes. Though it doesn't have WiFi, the coffee is great and I highly recommend the avocado toast (pictured above) to satisfy your basic craving.

8. Stumptown Coffee Roasters 

Rehmat Sakrani

If you're looking for a fancier-looking coffee shop to do work in, this is the place. It's only fancy-looking because it's located inside a hotel, but it's crowded as people are sitting on couches with their laptops and a latte next to them. Located near Broadway on 29th street, it may be a bit farther than other coffee shops but with the weather warming up, the walk is definitely worth it. 

9. Maman 

Rehmat Sakrani

Right near Madison Square Park on 25th street and Broadway is this cute French coffee shop. It's got great decor (for that insta-worthy pic) and WiFi too. They also have a food menu, but only til 4 pm. And after 4 pm, you can take out your laptop and do work. 

There's so many coffee shops surrounding Baruch. Why head to the Pret A Manger, Starbucks, or Gregory's when you can go to a local coffee shop. There's definitely other shops out there you'll find near Baruch that aren't on this list, but in my humble opinion, these are great places to study at. And with Spring approaching, walk around the neighborhood and you just might find a new coffee shop near Baruch that could be your favorite.