Brunch is a weekend necessity, especially when your head is pounding and your stomach is growling. Luckily, I live in Columbus, Ohio, a hidden Midwestern gem and a city full of "foodies," where brunch is a must-do. 

Here are the best spots in Ohio's capital to ditch that nasty hangover.

Northstar Café

With four locations throughout the city, you'll have no excuse not to visit this Columbus classic. This trendy spot has options for everyone, including those hard-to-please vegans. From the Cowboy Breakfast, to the Cloud Nine Pancakes, you can't go wrong with anything on their menu; and if you feel like balling out, the freshly-squeezed orange juice is a hefty $5, but the best you'll ever taste.

Forno Kitchen & Bar

Located in the heart of the Short North, this newer addition to the area not only thrives with nightlife, but also relieves that hangover the morning after. Meaning "oven" in Italian, this restaurant's specialty is their pizza, and their breakfast pizza may be the best one on the menu. If you're not already sold by a pizza topped with three eggs, pancetta, Brussels sprouts and fontina, mimosas are only $4 when you order a brunch item. And for those who are trying to keep the buzz from last night alive, they also have a bottomless option for a tad more cash. 


This city-wide favorite is nestled in Victorian Village and is home to (what should be) world famous Pancake Balls. Yes, you read correctly, Pancake Balls. Well-known for it's charm and emphasis on local food, Katalina's is the perfect morning-after brunch place for anyone craving something on the Latin or Southern side of breakfast. 

Hang Over Easy

The name says it all—curing that hangover as well as serving eggs on eggs (preferably over easy). This breakfast diner, conveniently located on The Ohio State University's campus, operates on the motto "breakfast cures all," and their breakfast sure does. Their menu is full of clever names and even better dishes. Channel your inner child and order their Green Eggs and Ham, or if you're "Struggling to Get Up," you can order that too. 

Taste of Belgium

Located in the North Market (a must-do on its own), this café successfully recreates the famous waffles and beer of Belgium. Offering breakfast classics, crepes, and, obviously, waffles, this eatery will kick that hangover goodbye, or keep the party going with a high-quality cold one. Either way, you'll feel slightly more European than before... and hopefully will have less of a headache.


This casual café serves seasonal and organic dishes, but their real selling point is the fact that they serve breakfast ALL day EVERY DAY. With fresh pastries and an extensive drink menu, this place is a hangover necessity. Plus, they are serving a spiked hot chocolate for a limited time, which is the perfect warm drink to sip on when you're trying to warm up and your head is pounding.

German Village Coffee Shop

Also known as "Das Kaffe Haus," this old school diner looks just like it did when it was established in 1981. A historic restaurant settled in an equally historic neighborhood that offers cheap breakfast items and their famous house coffee. A personal favorite, their Western Omelette is a must-eat and is always the perfect remedy for a hangover.

Short North Pint House

As the name would suggest, this restaurant dominates the beer and ale scene in Columbus, but it's also a hidden gem when it comes to brunch. Their brunch menu may be minimal and only served on weekends, but they make up for it with their Beer Batter Bacon and Blueberry Pancakes—which may sound like an odd combo, but is truly life-changing. And if you're trying to continue to booze, they have over 50 options of beer available.

If you ever find yourself in Columbus, Ohio for a weekend, or of you are a city-regular, this list will be your guide to ditch that hangover. With food that is 'instagram-able,' and equally as delicious, you can't go wrong with any of these eight weekend brunch spots.