Tea Brick (located in Monterey Park and Rowland Heights, CA) is your run-of-the-mill boba place in many ways, serving up classic tea options alongside some store specialities, except for one big thing-- each drink is served in a corgi-themed bottle. (Read: corgi-themed boba!)


Come on.

What You Need To Know:

The drinks are 24 oz (one size only), and come in a plastic bottle with a lid that you have to open to use a straw. Or-- go strawless! (Check out this Spoon University article on why that's a great idea.) 

A classic 'Tea Brick Milk Tea' will run you about $4.70 pre-tax ($4.15 for the drink + $0.55 for the topping). 

Tea Brick switches up their bottle designs seasonally, so swing by soon if you want the corgi edition! If you can't make it in time, the other bottles are just as cute-- check out this cute polar bear themed winter edition:

Or these equally cute hedgehog and fox bottles from the fall!

Check out their Instagram to see which bottle they're currently serving.