Brazil has a vast and mixed culture thanks to the many immigrants from Europe and Asia, who contributed a lot to the history of the country. When it comes to Brazilian cuisine, local food and imported goods give to life many delicious combinations. This happened for example with the Japanese in Rio.

Foods in Rio De Janeiro can be found both locally made or they can come from other cultures. This last option can happen when it comes to sushi.

Although meat (mostly pork and chicken) is generally the most prevalent food in Brazil, the major cities (as well as river or seaside sites) offer tons of multicultural foods and gastronomic combinations. This occurs a lot in the Northern regions, where the African influence is high in every aspect of life - religion, dances, and food. In Southern parts of the country, there is a larger Asian and Middle Eastern presence. The Japanese-Brazilian community is pretty big in Rio De Janeiro (but not as large as in the south of the country, like in São Paulo), so it is not difficult to try out a couple of Japanese treats while visiting the sunny city. 

Sushi at Koni Store

Koni Store is a Brazilian Japanese food chain based in Rio De Janeiro. Its trademark color is orange and all the Koni places are styled and decorated with the same colour and pattern. Koni offers a limited number of sushi options, but it has also yakisoba and poke. Differently from other places, Koni has their own special ice cream with Nutella and their filled harumaki, with banana, dulce de leche, or chocolate.

Classy Sushi At Toruk Sushi

With a chic and minimal hint, Toruk Sushi presents a pleasant and more accommodating indoor setting than Koni. The menu has various options, from sushi to fried foods, yakisoba and sake'. Prices are higher than the Koni Store's ones, but the overall quality and display are slightly better. The restaurant can offer also a buffet service, where you can choose everything you want, weigh your dish, and pay for the food you had. Many other places offer this option too, but their sushi is not particularly tasteful, unless it is specified.

Yakisoba Everywhere!

A very popular food, yakisoba is found in many places, including at festivals and street markets. One of the most famous street markets where yakisoba is a must to try is at Arcos Da Lapa, where you can find tons of drinks, churrasco, fried treats, and yakisoba dishes. Yakisoba is very easy to find at supermarkets too, but the best ones are usually served in restaurants or local cafes.

Delicacies At Delice

Recently opened, Delice Sushi Express is a small restaurant situated in the centre of Rio, close to the Siqueira Campos subway station and Copacabana. Delice offers only a standard choice of sushi, yakisoba, and a small number of desserts. Portions are overall small, so I wouldn't recommend eating here if you're very hungry. The experience is nice if you'd like to spend and have some chill time with yourself or dear ones.