When you first walk through the doors of Stella's Lounge in downtown Grand Rapids, your eyes are immediately drawn to the decor. The black walls are plastered with 90's pop culture memorabilia and graffiti-esque murals. Your eyes will dart to the vintage arcade games or the TVs playing nostalgic 90's show clips on loop. With the option to sit in the dining room, bar, or even the outdoor patio, Stella's provides an atmosphere where everyone can be comfortable and have fun.

Keep reading for recommendations for what to try on your visit to your new favorite restaurant!

Samantha Johnson

Avocado Nugents

OK, hear me out: the Avocado Nugents are a must-order. The ever-trendy super fruit gets a facelift when it is sliced, beer-battered, and deep-fried. Even if you're not a huge avocado fan, the crispy breading adds a nice layer of crunch and flavor that is appealing to anyone. This appetizer is a community favorite and it's even vegan! 

Samantha Johnson

Nada Cubano

Stella's has a huge menu, but I always find myself coming back for more of this delicious sandwich. A spinoff of the traditional Cubano sandwich, the Nada Cubano features turkey and pork belly topped with house slaw, fried green tomatoes, and (my favorite!) brie and jam. To the picky eater, this may sound like a mouthful, but I promise it's a delicious combination- delicious enough to win the 2014 Grandwich Competition!

Samantha Johnson

Grilled Cheese

As you can probably tell by now, not much about Stella's is traditional. In fact, Stella's grilled cheese leaves tradition in the dust by giving the iconic comfort food a total makeover. This tasty vegetarian option features gooey melted pepper-jack and white American cheeses on toasted French bread topped with pesto, spinach, onion, and tomato. These fresh additions to your favorite classic will have you begging for more!

Samantha Johnson

Hakuna Tostadas 

One of the best things about Stella's is that they have options for many diets. One of several vegan options, the Hakuna Tostadas feature black beans, guacamole, and avocado ranch drizzle over special house-made vegan taco "meat." Whether you follow a vegan diet or not, these tostadas are amazing

From their electric atmosphere to their delicious food, Stella's has made its place as a Grand Rapids icon. If you haven't gotten the chance to eat there yet, I highly recommend taking the time to check it out! With a huge menu for all tastes and dietary restrictions, Stella's is a total crowd-pleaser. Whether you're looking for a cool restaurant to try with your friends, or trying to impress your folks during parents weekend, Stella's gets the job done!