From smoothies to ice cream to toast, it seems like every other day there's a new product mixing in avocado. It's become a phenomenon around the world and it looks like it's not going anywhere anytime soon. The trend has become so popular that even Starbucks decided to get involved by creating an Avocado Frappuccino

The Avocado Frappuccino (also called the "Avocado Blended") has been described as both "creamy" and "refreshing," by Korea Daily. It looks exactly like a freshly cut avocado, with a light green center and dark green outer rim, with a "pit" made of chocolate. Pictures of the drink have already started to flood Instagram and millennials just can't seem to get enough of it. 

There's a catch, of course. You can only get the Avocado Frappuccino in South Korea. Trust me, I'm just as bummed as you are. It's a seasonal menu item that actually made its first appearance three years ago. According to Popsugar, it was brought back by popular demand and revamped with the addition of Instagram-friendly features, like the dark green "peel" and the chocolate "pit" topper.

Starbucks hasn't announced whether the drink will be making its way stateside, but the sad reality is it might not ever happen. The cost of avocados are already sky high and considering the price of their coffee already, putting the two together would make for one expensive drink. 

But, I'll be honest, if they end up bringing it to the US, I'd be more than willing to pay the price for an Avocado Frapp. It looks and sounds amazing, not to mention it'd be one of the more healthy options on their menu.

So, if you happen to be taking a trip to Seoul this summer, stop by a local Starbucks and try the new Avocado Frappuccino. And unless I become a millionaire overnight, it looks like I'll be sticking to my avocado ice cream