There are so many great reasons to visit the Syracuse farmer's market during your time off on the weekend. When I got to take a trip, I was able to talk to some of the vendors and get their input on why the market is so important for their businesses. Here are some examples of why you should make the trip!

Paige Mirsky

Fresh and Local Produce

Beginning with one of my favorite parts, the local produce! Most of the things found at the Syracuse farmer's market have come from growers not far from the city of Syracuse. I find it so rewarding to purchase local because it helps our local businesses to keep their businesses going. 

You can find pretty much everything you need in terms of fresh fruits and vegetables here. There are many sellers that can tell you exactly where their produce has come from, and more often than not its right down the road!

Paige Mirsky

The Food Stands

Along with the isles of fresh produce at the market, there are also a variety of foods stands that you can get a quick bite to eat from! The types of food found at the market can range from breakfast sandwiches to fried dough that you can snack on as you shop for your weekly fresh produce. 

I opted for the fresh egg and cheese breakfast sandwich during my trip. The smell of the stand was so enticing, it was obviously a popular spot as the line was about 15 people deep! Well worth the wait for a warm breakfast on a cold day. 

Paige Mirsky

Local Food Vendors

Another section of the Syracuse Farmer's Market includes a variety of local vendors that bring their products to be sold. These businesses often use the fresh and local produce to make their products, making them a highly rewarding product to opt for. Some of the vendors we saw this week sold homemade pasta, fresh baked goods, varieties of jams and even fresh kombucha!

It is incredibly important to support our local businesses rather than buying each of our products from the grocery store. Often, you can find deals on these products that may even be cheaper than buying them from the store. 

The Syracuse Farmer's Market is a great way to spend your weekend morning shopping for your produce for the week. Bring a friend and make a fun trip out of it while you grab some breakfast and take a stroll through the isles. It is extremely important to support our local businesses, and you can make a difference by shopping here even just once a month!