As we approached the last day of classes and finals, stress was piling up along with to-do lists. Luckily, Spoon Wisconsin helped students out with discounts, free food, and lots of positive energy to help them power through the final few days of the school year.

Tuesday: Unlimited Toppings at Salads UP

vegetable, salad
Lauren Ross

Coming off Mifflin weekend and heading into a week of late nights filled with unhealthy snacks (at least for me), Salads UP was the perfect choice for our first promo of the week. For a healthy pick-me-up, students stopped by Salads UP for unlimited Mix It Up toppings, and all they had to do was post an Instagram story of their salad!

Wednesday: Free Lotsa Stone Fired Pizza

Free. Pizza. I don't know about you, but those two words are music to my ears. 

From noon until supplies ran out about 45 minutes later, members of our chapter handed out free slices of Lotsa pizza on Library Mall. The margherita and buffalo chicken pizzas were hugely popular and went in minutes. All you had to do was snap a pic for your Instagram or Snapchat story and tag us and Lotsa to cop a free slice.

Thursday: 30% Off at Dough Baby Bakery

cream, candy, pastry, chocolate, doughnut, cake, sweet
Juliet Miller

On Thursday, Dough Baby Bakery, a new addition to State Street, offered 30% off donuts for students. Their organic donuts are seasonal and the menu is always changing, so I didn't know what I was gonna get when I walked in. Luckily, everything they sell is delicious, so everyone left happy.

I have to recommend the vanilla latte donut, though – it was the perfect mix of sweet frosting, fluffy dough, and bitter coffee dusting. If I hadn't already walked home, I would've had 3 more!

Friday: Free Ian's Pizza Coupons

bread, pizza, cheese
Daisy Stein
vegetable, bread, cheese, pizza
Michael Lim

On Friday, some of our Spoon members took a break from studying to hand out Ian's coupons on Library Mall. We were able to introduce many students to Spoon University as they stopped by to grab a coupon for a free slice, free salad, or free breakfast slice

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Avery Allen