I remember being confused when I first heard about Cheeseboard and Sliver. Two upscale pizza places that both feature one different, all-vegetarian pie (and only that) every day? The next question to ask, naturally, is: which one does the classic better? It's Sliver vs. Cheeseboard, and I set out with a group of friends to find out. 


tomato, vegetable, crust, sauce, meat, chicken, cheese, pizza
Danielle Chen

Priced at $3.25 for a single slice and $24 for a full pizza, Sliver's creation packs quite the punch. The pizza of the day featured corn, red and green bell peppers, yellow onions, mozzarella, french feta cheese, fresh basil, and garlic olive oil that surprisingly tasted amazingThe juicy corn bits paired with pockets of feta cheese hidden under the (melted) mozzarella in a combination that delighted our taste buds. 

Lighter flavors like the bell peppers, onions, and basil were lost in the vibrancy of the others, but they added to the texture really well. Paired with Sliver's special sauce – so fresh it cuts the grease of the pizza – this pie made for unforgettable slice of pizza (Ryan Murphy and Josh Prenot think so too).

Taste Tester Thoughts

"It only tastes good when it's hot, but I like the different cheeses they put on it." —Monica  

"The sauce was a little weak, but I liked that they incorporated corn." —Caitlyn

"The toppings they used were really unique, but they complemented each other well. It was just a bit greasy." —Lillian 


mozzarella, crust, meat, tomato, cheese, sauce, pizza
Danielle Chen

A little less expensive than Sliver (at $2.75/slice and $22/full pizza), Cheeseboard served up a sophisticated pie that featured crushed tomato, red onion, mozzarella and parmigiano-reggiano cheese, garlic olive oil, lemon juice, lemon zest, cilantro. A tamer combination than Sliver's, Cheeseboard's creation tasted more like classic pizza because of the crushed tomato, which was reminiscent of the staple tomato sauce we all know and love.

Taste Tester Thoughts

"The crust is crispier here, and the lemon zest comes through, giving your taste buds a tangy surprise." —Monica

"The bursts of tomato underneath the cheese were really good, and the flavors blended better overall, though I wish there were more toppings." —Salwa 

"The flavors were strong and blended together really well, and the pizza here was less greasy." —Caitlyn

The Verdict 

All of my taste-testers resoundingly voted for Cheeseboard. It's slightly far from campus, but with their perfect blend of ingredients and fun ambience, Cheeseboard leads the pack