I love the food in Berkeley. I've lived there my whole life, and I've eaten pretty much everywhere there is to eat here. The things I miss most at college are my dog and the Berkeley food. 

Berkeley has been famous for being liberal and the university for a long time, but the Berkeley food scene is famous in it's own right. Alice Waters' Chez Panisse is world class. Literally across the street, The Cheeseboard Collective is the second highest rated restaurant on Yelp. 

Here are some places you need to try when you're visiting Berkeley (and a few in Oakland because I just can't help myself).

Also, shoutout to @wastehisthyme for all the amazing Bay Area food pictures.

The Cheeseboard Collective

Only one type of pizza each day, and it changes every day. Sounds frustrating? You only like cheese pizza? You hate lines? Head to the Gourmet Ghetto and give it a go anyways, this is the second highest rated restaurant on yelp. If you like spicy, try the green sauce.

You can also try Sliver, the downtown Berkeley alternative. They have a bar, if you're able to partake in those kinds of activities, and they always have a sports game on TV. Avoid it from 11:38 to 12:18 Monday through Friday, when Berkeley High lunchtime overtakes the place.

Bakesale Betty

Yum. This was one of my first stops after coming home from school. Bakesale Betty's is famous for it's line, it's quirky owner, but most of all for it's fried chicken sandwiches. The spicy coleslaw is to die for. This is another place where you really only have one choice of what to order, but it;s worth it.

Grab a sandwich and eat it on the ironing boards out front, or bring it to a park. Pro tip: get the salad instead, it feels like there's more in it. Also get a ginger cookie. And the strawberry shortcake.

Zachary's Chicago Pizza

Wow! Another Berkeley place with a long wait? Basically anywhere with a line is worth it. Zachary's has some amazing deep dish, Chicago style pizza. It's also incredibly salty, so drink some water along with it.

The Thai Temple

The Thai temple is a classic Berkeley spot. Open only on Sundays for brunch from 10-1, you'll find half of Berkeley in the garden of this real temple. You trade your cash for tokens and go to stations for each item. Try the mango sticky rice, the Thai iced tea, and the little pancake things.

Berkeley Bowl

Berkeley Bowl is the place to go grocery shopping. Think whole foods, but quirkier. This is where you go to find exotic fruits, bee pollen, and really anything else.


If you're here, I can guarantee you'll see a kids sports team. Situated in between the Gabe Catalfo and Gilman fields, everyone comes here after practice, but you really can't beat the food (and the chips are to die for). The tortillas are made fresh. Yum.

Doughnut Dolly

Cute and up and coming, check out the location in Temescal, aka "Hipster Alley". They fill your doughnut up with your choice of filling, cream or jam. It's honestly such a hard decision, even though they usually only have about four choices. A great place to visit after you go to Bakesale Betty, as it's right around the corner.


Locations all around Berkeley. A favorite of G-Easy. Visit for some celeb spotting, some darn good burritos, and the cold stare of the man who works at the College Ave. location and never smiles.

Cactus Taqueria

Get the crispy chicken tacos. I sprained my wrist in a basketball game in middle school, and these were what got me to stop crying. The location in the Rockridge is my favorite.

Monterey Market

A classic Berkeley market. Cute, small, and full of locals.

Asha Tea House

This is not bubble tea made from powder. This is real tea with boba added. I love the jasmine milk tea here. The boba is sweet and just the right texture. It may be $5 for not that much boba, but it's really high quality, and you can't beat the atmosphere there, classy and full of college students working quietly.

Don't go right after they open, because it takes the 45 min to make the boba after opening.


Just mac and cheese. What more can I say?

La Note

Beautiful French food. Go here for brunch, but expect a wait on weekends. Some of the Grey's Anatomy cast was here awhile ago, so if you want to eat like a celebrity, check it out.


Get the potato puffs. The other food is great too, but try these soft puffs of heaven.

Angeline's Louisiana Kitchen

The fried chicken is great, the wild mushroom jambalaya is great, but the reason we all flock here are the beignets. Great atmosphere, and great sweet tea.

Fenton's Creamery

Really, really huge ice cream sundaes. Long wait (because honestly, where won't there be long wait in Berkeley?), lots of birthday parties, but really, really huge ice cream sundaes.

Elmwood Cafe

Adorable, clean cafe, right next to Mrs. Dalloway's Bookstore, so go check that out right after lunch. 

Berkeley is the place to go for really any type of food. When you're there, branch out, try something new, and be willing to wait in line!