The island of Providenciales on Turks and Caicos is known for its white sandy beaches, snorkeling, rum punches, and top-rated restaurants, hotels, and spas. What seems to be the hidden gem of Providenciales is Shay Café & Lounge.

Just a short walk from the beach and located in Le Vele Plaza, Grace Bay Providenciales, Shay Café has become a must-visit location for tourists and locals alike and is one of the best cafés in Turks and Caicos. 

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Olivia Pivirotto

When you walk into Shay it's like walking into a world of great food and positivity. The sign above hangs over the counter and reading it is sure to bring a smile to your face. It isn't just the positive atmosphere and great food that makes Shay so appealing, but also the fact that it is family run business. 

Shay is owned by a native Canadian, Herb, who moved to Turks and Caicos three years ago to open this café, which he hopes to one day pass down to his daughter, Shay. Herb makes it a priority to meet each and every one of his customers and knows many of them by name. It is very common to see both him and his daughter helping to serve food as well as sitting down to chat with customers over a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

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Olivia Pivirotto

Shay has both indoor and outdoor dining options. The outdoor patio area is the perfect location for enjoying the beautiful and sunny weather of the island and the indoor area is great for when an afternoon rain storm rolls through. 

But now let's talk about the food. Shay Cafe is the perfect place to enjoy delicious breakfast smoothies, organic coffees and teas, breakfast sandwiches, crêpes, French toast, pancakes, eggs and omelettes, and oatmeal for breakfast. For lunch, you can enjoy yummy salads, paninis, wraps, pizza, and even homemade gelato

The Gelato

Olivia Pivirotto

Whether it's an afternoon treat or a yummy dessert after having lunch, Shay's homemade gelato is a must have. The flavors include vanilla bean, coconut, choc-mint, chocolate, Oreo, pistachio, passion fruit, raspberry, peach sorbet, mango sorbet, raspberry sorbet, and strawberry sorbet. This gelato is the perfect way to combat the heat of Providenciales. 

The French Toast

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Olivia Pivirotto

Speckled with a layer of powdered sugar and accompanied with a dollop of whipped cream, the French toast alone may be reason enough to die of happiness. The pieces are warm and fluffy and it almost seems like four pieces isn't enough because they're that good. 

The Pancakes

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Olivia Pivirotto

Shay's Cafe is known for their fabulous chocolate chip pancakes. These pancakes are fluffy and thick with the perfect ratio of chocolate chip to pancake. Start your day with these and you'll be sure to have a filling and slightly sugary start to your day. 

The Oatmeal

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Olivia Pivirotto

You can order Shay's oatmeal with either fruit or brown sugar or even both. This creamy cereal packed with minerals and dietary fibers is a great way to start your day.