Jeff Cha, Harold Kim and Allen Lee started: SeoulAisle, a service to satiate your Asian Snack and Food cravings. You can pick your items from the comfort of your home and have them delivered right to your doorstep. SeoulAisle "bridge(s) the gap between your mother’s home cooking to your desolate pantry. 

SeoulAisle can decorate our pantries with Asian goods when we cannot access Asian Supermarkets . As Korean culture has swept the world, SeoulAisle is helping everybody gain access to a part of the culture. 

Why Should You Use SeoulAisle?

There are many reasons to use this service. From my personal experience, the first-and-foremost is that it is incredibly convenient. I don't have a lot of opportunities to drive to Koreatown, therefore, being able to order online is very useful. Moreover, the selection that SeoulAisle offers is perfect for college students. It has the perfect balance between pantry staples and delicious snacks. 

I personally got to venture outside of my comfort zone with my order. I got a few of the instant meals from SeoulAisle's selection. The Otogi Instant Sauces were great for a quick meal. I would recommend adding some extra protein and veggies to make the meal even better. Moreover, I had never tried Honey Twists before and they were very pleasant. They reminded me of snacks I ate as a child, which made them incredibly comforting. 

Overall, I think for a seasoned Asian-food fanatic this platform is great for experimenting and trying foods you may not otherwise. Whereas for Asian-food newbies this might be the best starting point for our stay-at-home lifestyles. 

Don't know what to get?

If you are considering what might be a good first haul from SeoulAisle, the founders recommend exploring the wide variety of instant ramen brands and flavours. SeoulAisle's bestsellers are:

1. Samyang Buldak (spicy chicken ramen)- Also known as the 'fire noodles'. If you want to try a new flavour, I ranked all of them here. Spicy is an understatement when referring to these noodles but they make for great entertainment with friends. I would recommend the carbonara one for the more faint-hearted. 

2. Gochujang Hot Pepper Paste- Great for Korean Cooking but is also an extremely versatile ingredient to have in your pantry. I often stir-fry some veggies with this paste and a little seasoning and it helps liven up those mid-week meals.

3. Turtle Chips: These are great to have for those days where you feel a little "snacky". Disappointingly, I haven't tried them yet but with SeoulAisle, I probably will soon

Anusha Goyal

SeoulAisle is also hoping to expand to be the answer to all your Asian Supermarket needs. This means not only their pantry and snacking goods but also fresh produce and frozen foods. In fact, SeoulAisle is happy to listen to your requests. Follow them on Instagram @seoulaisle and message them with your ideas, suggestions, or questions. You can stay up to date with company news by subscribing to their mailing list. 

Finally, use the promo code SPOONUCLA for $15 off your first order!