You must have heard of the Buldak Korean Fire Noodle Challenge. You may have even tried it. However, did you know that there are 9 different types of fire noodles in the market? We conducted an investigatio to find the best fire noodles that'll have us reaching for the milk.

The Method

I gave the fire noodles to 5 of my friends and asked them to rate the flavours out of 5 stars. I collated the results and ranked all the flavours. I also mentioned how many people favoured each flavour above all of the rest. 

The Results

Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen Curry

Stars: 19.5/25

Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen Cheese

Stars: 19/25

Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen Stew type

Stars: 19/25

Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen Carbonara

Stars: 17.5/25

Extreme Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen

Stars: 17/25

Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen (Original)

Stars: 15.5/25

Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen Ice

Stars: 14/25

Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen Mala

Stars: 4/25


Anusha Goyal

The most surprising result was that the original flavor was not even in the top 5. Most of the flavors were really good!!! I would heavily recommend that you try all the flavors if you've already tried the original fire noodle challenge because the other ones all bring a new dimension of flavor to the noodles. Definitely don't try them all at once as we did because the noodles are VERY spicy AND definitely have milk and yogurt at hand.