Evanston offers a pretty diverse array of cuisines, from Japanese, Indian, Mediterranean to even Venezuelan. However, its lineup of restaurants wouldn't be complete without a local French establishment that's devoted to serving up healthy and authentic crepes inspired by the Brittany region of France.

Stephanie Lee

Upon entering Crêperie Saint-Germain, we were immediately drawn into a small and cozy space and hit by the smell of brewing coffee, murmur of chatter and clinking of utensils trickling out from the kitchen. The interior of the restaurant consisted of warm lighting and an eclectic collection of art and quirky roosters scattered across the walls. The only downside was the line going out the door at 12:30 on a Saturday afternoon.  

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Stephanie Lee

After being seated and ordering our food, there was nothing to do but wait and turn our heads every time the ring of the bell sounded from the kitchen. Eventually, the food came out hot and fresh and you could tell right away that everything was made to order.

The first of the dishes to come out was the Omelette aux Champignons (mushroom omelette). I had mine with egg-whites and a side salad. The eggs were cooked light and fluffy, but I wished there was more melted gruyere cheese in the filling to enhance the flavors. The small portion also left me licking my lips for something more. 

Stephanie Lee

Then came their speciality: the crepes. With their considerable selection of savory and sweet crepes, we decided to try at least one of each.

The Marquis, consisting of a chocolate crepe filled with chocolate mousse, mixed berries and white chocolate sauce, is definitely one for a chocolate lover. This crepe satisfies a sweet tooth, but the chocolate was a little overpowering and the mixed berries were in the form of jam and not fresh berries. 

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Stephanie Lee

The savory crepes we tried were the Cassoulet Toulousain and Coq au Vin. Both crepes were made from buckwheat and wheat flours, but the Cassoulet Toulousain was filled with a duck confit, garlic sausage and other spices while the Coq au Vin had the classic combination of roasted chicken, mushrooms and bacon. Both were creamy, flavorful and warmed up our bellies satisfyingly.

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Stephanie Lee

Crêperie Saint-Germain is no doubt one-of-a-kind among the many local eateries in Evanston. And while we won't be coming back on a Saturday afternoon, there's no doubt we'll be back on some other day to satisfy our crepe cravings once again.

Make sure to visit during February and mention North Shore Restaurant Month to receive 2 for 1 entrees.