If you're looking for a quality meal in Evanston, try the hibachi at Todoroki on Davis Street. With eight leather chairs at each station, you can enjoy watching the chef prepare your food on the spot. 

The modern atmosphere is perfect for a birthday dinner or for other special occasions, and it is also an great place to simply enjoy eating out with friends. Nothing can beat a dinner experience in which you get to both enjoy delicious food and watch a chef throw broccoli at your friend's face.

The hibachi room is often completely booked on weekends, so make sure to call in advance to make a reservation.

Jamie Hwang

There are options for individual and combined orders on the menu. With everything from shrimp to filet mignon, you can pick one or two entrées, or you can choose to do a Dinner for Two which comes with three entrées that you can share.

Every entrée comes with fried rice, noodles and vegetables that are also cooked right in front of you by the chef.

Jamie Hwang

The food does not take a long time to cook, and you won't be bored while you wait. The hibachi chefs at Todoroki are pros at tossing food into customers' mouths, starting controlled fires and shouting random hibachi-related words throughout the cooking process. Even more, the fried rice and noodles are cooked first, so you'll be too busy eating to notice the wait for the rest of your meal. 

Of course, the chef will be showing a few of his fire tricks, including the onion volcano. He will also try to throw broccoli for you to catch with your mouth.

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Jamie Hwang

Make sure to bring your Spoon Crawl coupon brochure before it expires at the end of February 2017. At Todoroki, you will receive 20% off any hibachi order. 

You really don't want to miss out.