There are so many different Latin cuisines you could try: Mexican, Colombian, Peruvian, and Guatemalan to name a few. But I'm here to dish on the food from the smallest country in Central America. Salvadoran food has a growing popularity in the city, so here are a few places where you can get a taste of El Salvador. 

1. Sonsonate Grill

 With two locations in South Los Angeles and one in the city of South Gate, Sonsonate Grill has gained a loyal following with its delicious menu and great service. I highly recommend ordering one the restaurant's famous platters with all the fixings like grilled chicken, shrimp, steak and salvi chorizo that can comfortably feed all your amigos. Don't forget to order all the delicious pupusas you can manage to eat. 

2. Paseo San Miguel

A new favorite, Paseo San Miguel is a fairly new restaurant near Exposition Park. A quick trip on the Metro Expo Line and short walk will you get you there in no time. Known for its low prices and warm atmosphere, Paseo San Miguel will give you the best taste of El Salvador. 

3. Gloria's Cafe

Gloria's Cafe in Culver City is the best of both worlds! And by that, I mean the best mix of Mexican and Salvadoran restaurants in one small, comfy local. What else can I say about Gloria's besides the fact that it was featured on Food Network's Diners, Drive- ins and Dives a few years back, so it has some major street cred. Guy Fieri and countless others, have fallen in love with Gloria's most popular dish, Carne Adobada. Made with pork in a delicious Adobo sauce, this dish is sure to light your taste buds. 

Gloria's Cafe in located in Culver City, conveniently close to campus. A short trip on a Big Blue Bus will get you there. 

And last, but not least

4. Atlacalt Restaurant 

Try saying that name three times! This restaurant is as traditional as it gets. The menu includes some dishes that most other Salvadoran restaurants don't serve, such as panes con pollo (a hot chicken sandwich) and carne guisada (beef stew). I highly recommend pairing one of these dishes with any of their aguas frescas. My personal favorite is the Salvi horchata. 

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