When we think of Thanksgiving, what usually comes to mind is turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, and heaps of different types of casseroles. However, in American-Hispanic families, the list of food goes on and on.

Apart from the expected Thanksgiving meals that are usually at the table, Hispanics all over America incorporate traditional dishes from their native country into the holiday. With bold flavors, authentic ingredients, and recipes that have been in the family for generations, a Hispanic infused Thanksgiving is one you surely don't want to miss.


If there's a large gathering of Cubans accompanied by food then platanito maduros will definitely be at the table. Fried sweet plantains are a staple side dish in Cuban cuisine alongside frijoles negros, which are just black beans. Frijoles are also a must at the table for your primos that drown their rice in it. You can learn how to make platanitos here, but they'll never be as good as abuela's.


Milanesa is a popular Latin American dish that Argentinians make exceptionally well. Milanesa is simply an array of breaded meats which can range from pork, to chicken, to even steak. Apart from incorporating milanesa into their Thanksgiving meal, some Argentinians substitute it for the turkey altogether. 

Puerto Ricans

If you find yourself sharing Thanksgiving with Puerto Ricans, you can be sure to find mofongo on the dinner table. This staple dish which can be eaten morning, noon, or night, is essential to Puerto Ricans. The dish consists of garlic-flavored mashed plantains as its key ingredient. Learn how to make it with this recipe to experience the flavors of the Caribbean. 


Forget the array of pies for dessert this Thanksgiving, Dominicans have their own way of indulging. Bizcoho is a popular Dominican cake dessert. Often times it can be as simple as this recipe here, or they pack the punch by turning it into a rum cake. Although Bizcoho can be served any time of the year, the rum cake version is especially popular throughout the holidays.


Salad is something you may not find in a traditional Thanksgiving meal. Who wants a salad when there's a heaping pile of mashed potatoes right next to you? However, to Venezuelans, ensalada de gallina is a staple item. Translated to chicken salad in English, the dish is a star on Thanksgiving day. Packed with flavor and ingredients like potatoes, mayo, carrots, and chicken, this salad is sure to be a hit.


Colombians take traditional white rice to another level with their arroz con coco. This dish is made by soaking rice in coconut milk and then adding raisins to finish. The sweetness of the rice pairs perfectly with cranberry sauce and some turkey. 

Thanksgiving is a holiday where everyone comes together to celebrate life's greatest blessings, however, that doesn't mean everyone celebrates it the same. With the melting pot that America is, there's an array of cultures that bring each of their own distinct dishes to the table. From fried plantains to chicken salad, there's always something new to try this holiday season.