In case you have been MIA this semester, there’s a new bakery in town, and it’s DELICIOUS. Salty and Baked is located at 42 S 3rd Street right in our very own Lewisburg, PA. They opened (and blessed us all) last year as a delivery-only bakery for those times when you just have to give into your cravings.

Their motto claims they offer “treats delivered directly to you.” These treats include homemade soft pretzels, oversized cookies, and truffles. I have to hold back from going online and placing an order right now just thinking about it.

BUT, the goodness doesn’t stop there. These treats come in many different flavors like cinnamon sugar pretzels, mint chocolate truffles, and oversized snickerdoodles. This means everyone in your friend group will have something to enjoy. 

Co-owners of Salty and Baked, Emily Heuer and Gretchen Croteau, said their inspiration to start the business came from their love of baking, community and customer service. They explain on their website that baking gives them joy because it “reminds [them] of home, warmth and friendship. Sharing food with others allows [them] to convey all the positivity and sense of community [they] experience making the treats with those who get to enjoy them. It’s [their] way of meeting people, of forging connection, of showing appreciation, love and thanks,” (Salty and Baked website). 

So, when you're eating one of their awesome treats, you can feel even better knowing it was made with love.

Salty and Baked offers a variety of treats, both frozen and ready to eat straight out of the box. And the best part: it's all delivered right to your door!

They offer their classic pretzel kit which includes a baker’s dozen of pretzels, salt, cinnamon sugar, or a combination of both. This kit allows you to customize your pretzel creations and get creative with a sweet-salty hybrid.

Salty and Baked offers even more frozen treats in the form of jumbo pretzels and nuggets. For those of us that just can't wait, they also give you the option to have them delivered fresh and warm to your door.

#SpoonTip: Since they're frozen, you still have the flexibility to heat them up and enjoy them later on (but, c'mon, you know you'll eat them all in one sitting)

For the sweet-tooths out there, they also offer a variety of jumbo cookies and truffles. The cookie selections are all made to order in “monster-sized," meaning you can share or have even more to yourself (we won't tell).

The jumbo cookies come in chocolate chip, confetti sugar, snickerdoodle or flourless peanut butter. If you can't pick just one, Salty and Baked also offers assortments that include all of the flavors. And if you're not as starving and still want to treat yourself to a taste test, you can buy the medley of cookies in a mini format.

Jessi Schlicht

Need a quick gift idea for your friends birthday party? Want to be the best friend ever and send your friends a midterm/finals season pick me up? These treats are the perfect idea for just that.

A Spoon member from our chapter, Mackenna Woods, was #blessed when her mom surprised her with a package of warm pretzels for her birthday. Mackenna could hardly contain her excitement when telling me, “I got a box of the warm classic pretzels, I got half salt and half cinnamon sugar, and I would highly recommend… it was delicious. It was even still warm when they dropped them off at my door!"

For special occasions like these, Salty and Baked lets you attach a handwritten card or quick note, perfect for customizing the gift.

So, when you are in need of a pick me up, or just want to enjoy some good sweet treats, give Salty and Baked a call.

#SpoonTip: It will always be ~trendy~ to #ShopLocal