We all have favorite foods, and with the help of the World Wide Web, we now have favorite food delivery services. While it’s getting easier to have all kinds of food delivered to your door, it’s getting harder to choose exactly which food delivery service to use.

If you are what you eat, then you’re also what you order, and more importantly, where you order food from.

Find out how your personality is reflected in these top food delivery services and match up your eating habits with the meals and food products that best fit your food style. 

Purple Carrot

Service: Ingredients + recipes for meal prep

Price Point: $11.33/plate for three meals serving two people

Sustainability: “Fresh, responsibly sourced ingredients.”

Customizability: A surprise menu each week

You like veggie surprises and are ready for responsible ingredients to take over your kitchen.

Now is the time to rise to the challenge of kicking animal products out of your meal plan. Feel free to ignore past doubts of your dietary discipline.

Your spirit vegetable is kohlrabi. Soon you will know what that veggie looks like and how to cook it. 


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Service: Snack variety packs 

Price Point: $11.99/week for a box of 8 snacks

Sustainability: Cardboard comes from sustainable forests

Customizability: Rate your favorite snacks and choose dietary preferences 

You get hangry if you don’t eat enough breakfast and you have a habit of stashing granola bars around the house.

Always on the search for the perfect snack, you love mixing sweet and savory flavors, but have a tendency to over do it on the trail mix. Graze is your new partner in crime to keep you hooked on healthy foods, while still giving you a taste of the sweets you love.

Customize snacks based on your diet, favorite flavors, and preferred nutritional qualities. Next thing you know, pre-portioned samples will be delivered to your door.

You want a snack that fills you up and makes you feel good. Graze is here to make the moments in between meals oh so delicious and nutritious

Blue Apron

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Service: Ingredients + recipes for meal prep

Price Point: $9.99/serving for three recipes for two people

Sustainability“Sustainable seafood, animals raised without hormones.”

Customizability: Choose weekly from six meals

You care about keeping up with sustainable food trends, and to you, good wine is as just important as good food.

In addition to choosing from recipes like Korean rice cakes and spiced pork burgers, you can also order monthly deliveries of wine to pair with the meals you make at home.

Your culinary curiosity will be quenched with detailed tasting notes to help “inspire a lifelong love of wine,” as if you needed any help with that. 

Thrive Market

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Service: Health and wellness packaged products

Price Point: Annual membership fee of $59.99 (with 20-50% off all items)

Sustainability: No GMO foods, USDA Certified Organic options

Customizability: Choose all your own products

You feel a responsibility to give back to those in need and you only buy foods labeled with multiple health claims.

Going organic isn’t enough—you make an effort to buy non-GMO and pesticide free products. Friends would describe you as a health nut who gets overexcited about fair trade chocolate

For packaged products, you want the highest quality, most equitable companies making your food. Coconut oil is your go-to product for everything from hair treatment to homemade desserts. Thrive Market is your go-to website for all the other health products you crave. 


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Service: Online grocery ordering

Price Point: Competitive with grocery stores

Sustainability: Delivery bags are reused

Customizability: Choose all your own products

You are addicted to online shopping and your favorite part of the day is getting packages in the mail.

Your impatience is always what gets you in trouble—even as you read this, you’re thinking about the next five things that need to get done today.

Most importantly, you like your food how you like your TV: on demand. While the quality of food isn’t necessarily as important to you as the efficiency of its delivery, you want to have access to as many options as possible.

No matter your grocery list, AmazonFresh delivers organic strawberries and Betty Crocker cake mix anytime, anywhere. So go ahead and check grocery shopping off your to-do list, AmazonFresh has got things under control.

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Are you a veggie lover or a snackaholic? Whether you’ve been waiting for a chance to dig in to your culinary curiosity or are just looking to get a weekly supply of Cheddar Bunnies, there is surely a delivery service that will fulfill all your food fantasies.

Snack happy, eat healthy, and enjoy every bite.