College is all about setting mini goals for four years. My strategy is using incentives, ya know, to make it through all the dreaded stressors of college. They're the key to my success. Food will always be a soft spot for me, as I know that is the case for many. The beloved Salsa's Mexican Grill holds a special place in my heart. They offer delectable Mexican cuisine, have affordable drinks, and always promise a good time.

If you're a part of the tri-college community of South Bend, Indiana, you know exactly what I'm referring to. Below are a few things I've experienced before, during, and after visiting this fine establishment.

1. When your week has been extra stressful and you need a pick me up

You know what Wednesdays and Sundays mean, the $2 marg deal! Time to head to Salsa's to treat yourself.

2. When you ask your friends who wants to go to Salsa’s

Friends are always down to pounce on the opportunity when it presents itself.

3. When you and the squad are in the zone ready to feast

Nothing gets in the way of your crew, their appetite, and food. LEGGO.

4. Your face towards that one friend who insists on doing homework instead

Fine, be responsible. That's unfortunate, but I guess it's your loss. Be ready to receive alllll the Snapchats documenting our night.

5. The look on the face of this week’s DD

Come on, taking turns is only the fair way to make this judgement call.

6. When you forget to make a reservation

Reservations are super important, and you're screwed if you plan on just walking in with a big group. DON'T forget to call and make a reservation.

7. When your one friend spends her whole paycheck on the $2 margs

Drake said it best, "I'm here for a good time not a long time...". Maybe it was a hard week, but honestly, who really cares? Drink up.

8. The agonizing decision between the $2 margs or the medium size...or possibly the jumbo

Calculating the cost effectiveness of going with the $2 marg special or sizing up, because it's all about the price to quantity ratio.

9. Trying to make the agonizing decision between tableside guacamole or queso blanco

Trying to decide in my head is like Billy Madison arguing with his hair products.

10. Por que no los dos?!

If you can afford it, sometimes you just go with both options. 

11. When the waiter comes over and asks how you're doing

You would take the time to answer, but your mouth is currently full of mouthwatering Mexican food, so a half smile and an incomprehensible "Good!" will have to do.

12. When you see that random girl from your 8am vibin’ onstage to karaoke

Damn Gina, you go girl! You will never look at her the same EVER again.

13. The look on your face when the check comes

It's all fun and games until you realize how much you actually spent in an hour.

14. Walking out of the restaurant carrying your brand new food baby 

The food is affordable and proportions are generous... what did you expect was going to happen?

15. Hearing all the other people’s hilarious stories the next day

Ask around about stories from last night's Salsa's adventure, you will not regret it.

I really wish I was throwing down at Salsa's right now. It's been a stressful week and I need some gauc. If you haven't been there yet, brace yourself and just go already! Remember it's always poppin' on Wednesdays & Sundays. 

You're welcome.