Every child has gone through the struggle of being yelled at by their parents for eating raw cookie dough, as the eggs and flour could actually make you sick. But that dough...it's just so good that you are willing to risk your health for that soft, gooey bite. However, now there is a solution to the age-old problem: edible cookie dough. Yes, you heard that right. And the best part? It's sold in stores near you.

Just, a company whose mission is to use sustainable products to make great tasting food, makes this safe-to-eat cookie dough in three mouthwatering flavors. Below are my unofficial rankings of each flavor.

Chocolate Chip

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Marisa Palace

This classic pairing of sweet, sugary dough and chocolate chips is executed outstandingly by Just. The chilled dough has the perfect spoonable texture, and the taste is just like how you remember your mom's cookie dough to be. They nailed the ratio of chocolate chips to dough, so don't fret- there is no shortage of chips throughout. Sorry Toll House, you've been replaced.

Rating: 9/10

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

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Marisa Palace

As an avid peanut butter lover, this was easily my favorite of the bunch. The soft dough had an intense peanut butter flavor that was cut through by the semi-sweet chocolate chips. This is the perfect flavor for anyone who loves a good sweet-salty combo (aka everyone). I sincerely apologize to anyone out there with a peanut allergy.

Rating: 10/10

Birthday Cake

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Marisa Palace

The sweet sugar cookie dough was loaded with colorful sprinkles that added awesome texture and taste. This flavor was the most fun to eat because it was so festive. Often times, foods labeled as cake batter are loaded with sugar, but this company hit the mark without overdoing the sweetness. If you are a fan of cake batter, or even just a well-executed flavor, this one is for you. 

Rating: 9/10

Where to find Just

Luckily for everyone, Just products are sold in every Whole Foods and most Walmarts nationwide. Yes, you heard that right: the most amazing edible cookie dough is just a drive away. So, no need to go to NYC or LA to get your cookie dough fix. Just Cookie Dough to the rescue.

Spoon Tip: While the cookie dough is amazing raw, you can also bake it into the perfect gooey and chewy cookies

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Julia Palace