Unbaked Bar is an online dessert company that sells small batches of edible cookie dough run by an aspiring young woman. However, owner Olivia's life aspirations were not to own a business — in fact, they were quite far from it.

After graduating college and starting her dream job as a sports journalist, Olivia was unpleased with the monotonous and strenuous work which came along with it. Despite working at recognizable companies including Sports Illustrated and the NFL Network, she desired a more fulfilling job. From journalism to edible cookie dough, this business owner had a big career change.

Using the baking skills her mother and grandmother taught her as a child, Olivia whipped up some dough. With multiple trials, she was able to create the perfect recipes, all while keeping it safe to eat, and able to remain at room temperature for up to two weeks. In April of 2015, she launched her website, and it's been history ever since.

At Unbaked Bar, they sell customizable cookie dough. You get to choose from over ten bases, not to mention a full arrange of mix-ins from salty nuts to sweet Butterscotch chips. On top of that, they offer their signature doughs with the mix-ins already decided, just in case you cannot pick a flavor combination for yourself.

On that list are their most popular and seasonal flavors including gingerbread dough with gingerbread pieces and mint cookies and cream #MinterAllTheWay.

You can get the dough in four different sizes, ranging from 2 to 18 servings. If the dough won't satisfy your sweet tooth, order the "ice cream sandwiches." You'll receive homemade cookies sandwiched together with loads of your flavor choice of edible cookie dough. 

The best part about Unbaked Bar is their reasonable pricing. A half pint will only run you around eight bucks. At first, it seems a bit pricy, but when you realize there’s four servings per container, it’s only two dollars a serving. A frappuccino at Starbucks costs almost double that!

Olivia also knows the struggle college students face with debt. To make her cookie creations more affordable, she created a “College Budget” size. For only five bucks, you’ll receive a 2-3 serving container of any flavor your heart desires. The snack is great to have on-the-go, or just to eat in your dorm room, snuggled up a piles of blankets.

Olivia was kind enough to send me three of her most popular flavors. From the first bite of each, I was hooked. Every flavor I tried had multiple dimensions and textures, which you wouldn't think about when eating cookie dough. Even without the eggs, the doughs tasted just like any raw dough I've made in the past. However, I didn't have to fear for any possible salmonella contamination

I did just what the slogan instructed — I forgot the oven and grabbed my spoon. With my handy-dandy spoon and my eager, food-loving family, we sampled Unbaked Bar's most noted flavors. After much discussion and a whole lot of cookie dough, we finally settled on a definitive cookie dough ranking. Here I give you the Palace Family Official Unbaked Bar Cookie Dough Ranking.

1. Cake Batter with Sprinkles

Marisa Palace

This dough was definitely my favorite of the bunch, although my mom thought it was too sweet for her liking. But for a sweet tooth like me, it was all I needed. The dough was really creamy, and the sprinkles not only added a nice, colorful touch, but also incorporated a different texture and "funfetti" flavor. Plus, everything is better with sprinkles, right?

2. Red Velvet With White Chocolate Chips

Marisa Palace

This flavor was a perfect combination of rich, but not overly sweet, dough and creamy white chocolate morsels. The vibrant dough was a big hit for my family. The white chocolate reminded me vaguely of cream cheese frosting atop a red velvet cake. It's no wonder this flavor is such a big hit.

3. Good Ole' Chocolate Chip

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Marisa Palace

From the first bite, I was instantly transported back to my days of sitting on a countertop, licking the wooden spoon clean from any remnants of Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies (psht, I still do that). The cookie dough had a strong molasses flavor from the brown sugar, which is what separates the dough from being sugar cookie with chocolate chips sprinkled in. The only reason this flavor remains at the bottom of the three is due to the fact the other flavors were so creative and well-executed. 

Wanna try out some of Unbaked Bar’s delicious dough? Order some for your friends, family, or maybe just treat yourself by clicking here