Roots Natural Kitchen has built its reputation on delicious food, and it just happens to be very healthy for you. Currently located in Newark, DE and Charlottesville, VA, they plan to open more locations later this year. If you're a college student trying to put down the French fries, look no further. At only $8 a bowl, this new restaurant is coming to campuses and other locations across the country. 

With ingredients that vary from fresh veggies and grain/rice additions, to a variety of lettuce to choose from and tangy/creamy dressings to flavor your meal, this new hotspot is making waves with its amazing combinations and culinary ingenuity. The service is speedy and everything takes less than five minutes.

Sit down and enjoy the student artwork covering the walls and the blend of hot hit music on the speakers playing above you. If you don't believe me, check out some of their signature bowls below.  Happy eating!

3 Signature Options

The Jefe

brown rice, pilaf, rice, chicken
Joshua Benjamin

Topped with freshly grilled chicken, this is a boss's bowl. The charred corn and cilantro lime dressing contains such freshness that it's quite hard to take a break from it. 

Primary base: brown rice

Ingredients: Chicken, kale, black beans, charred white corn, red onions, feta, pita chips, avocado 

Dressing: Cilantro lime (Tabasco recommended) 

Pesto Caesar

Joshua Benjamin

A modern Caesar salad that is enhanced by the pesto dressing along with the good amount of avocado and the crunch of the pita chips.

Primary base: Kale

Ingredients: Bulgar, chicken, grape tomatoes, pickled onions, shaved Parmesan, pita chips

Dressing: Caesar and pesto (Siracha recommended) 

The Balboa

Joshua Benjamin

A delicious rice bowl that is so big you can barely finish it in one sitting. The sweet potatoes are an amazing addition that go lovely with the pickled onions and pita chips. The Caesar and tahini mix is to die for. 

Primary base: Brown rice

Ingredients: Sweet potatoes, corn, pita chips, avocado, lime-pickled onions, feta

Dressing: Lemon tahini/Caesar/Frank's Hot Sauce