Bing Haus in Convoy, San Diego is the new talk of the town. Rolled ice cream has been a big thing on the East Coast for a while now and it's about time it made its appearance on the West Coast. 

Rolled Ice Cream

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Bing Haus has many amazing flavors like green tea, cookies and cream, coffee, s'more cereal, poppyseed, strawberry and vanilla. To make their rolled ice cream even better they add toppings into the ice cream mixture before it's rolled out. And to top it all off... more toppings of course!


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Bing Haus has many other fun and colorful desserts like this Patbingsu. Patbingsu is a korean shaved ice dessert with sweet fruit toppings. 

 Melon Bingsoo 

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They also have watermelon and melon Bingsoo, which is shaved ice with fresh fruit; a fresh, fun and light dessert, perfect for a cute insta pic. 


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Not only do they have rolled ice cream and other frozen desserts, but they also have delicious coffee and many fruit teas. 

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To go along with their coffee rolled ice cream, Bing Haus has an awesome "Coffee Cures Chaos" lit up sign for another great Insta opportunity. 

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Bing Haus is a great place to go for a fun dessert or some delicious coffee. It's also pretty entertaining watching your ice cream get made and rolled out into perfect little bundles of mouth watering heaven!

One thing to remember is that Bing Haus can be very crowded on weekend nights, with the wait being up to 1 hour! So when planning your rolled ice cream adventure remember to go a little earlier in the evening or on a week night if you don't have the time or patience to wait. Make sure you remember Bing Haus when you're craving a new spin on some delicious and fun ice cream.