Amidst the rainbow grilled cheeses and outrageously stuffed deli sandwiches, Roli Roti Rotisserie stands as the epitome of “less is more.” It does so not only in the number of ingredients, but also in the wholesome simplicity of each element: the literal root of the produce, the organic nature, the non-GMO pickings, and the fresh, never frozen meats.

The owner, Thomas Odermatt, takes a different approach to his business by emphasizing respect for the food and its farming origins. With an extensive knowledge of butchery and a crowd-pleasing family rotisserie recipe, he took his passion to the streets in order to complete a simple goal: feed people well-cooked, hearty meals.

Sarah Fung

Healthy fast-food exists, and Roli Roti Rotisserie serves up its high-demand meats from its food trucks all over the Bay Area. The menu varies slightly between locations, but these are the major players. 

Rotisserie Bone-In Chicken

Sarah Fung

Free-range, no antibiotics, hormone-free, you name it; the chicken might have more awards on its resume than your average college student. Off the rotisserie grill, the chicken gets sprinkled with an original herb and spice mix and is served with a lime wedge. Once you try a piece, the crispy skin of the chicken acts as a savory gateway to the most succulent bite of meat. 

Porchetta Sandwich

Sarah Fung

This sandwich is what Roli Roti Rotisserie is most famous for and also the reason why you'll change everything you thought about pork belly. The heritage pork loin is rolled in pork belly that is rubbed with Roli Roti's own herb and spice mix and lemon zest. Then, it gets slow-roasted for four hours before it's sliced and piled onto an Acme Sweet Deli Roll.

The meat isn't in bad company; a sweet, onion marmalade is generously spread on top of the meat, and the sandwich gets completed with a handful of arugula and a sprinkle of rosemary sea-salt. The best part? The outer pork skin bits are added into the sandwich for a wonderfully crunchy element that juxtaposes the soft, tender meat.

#SpoonTip: The porchetta sandwich is only available at the San Francisco Ferry Building location. 

Chicken Sandwich

Sarah Fung

After a proper roast, the chicken gets shredded and served in between an Acme Organic Bun. The juicy, savory quality of the meat makes a pleasant encounter with a crunchy, bitter bed of arugula. With a traditional Roman-style Pepperonata to give its sweet compliments to the perfectly cooked chicken, you'll be jealous you don't last a roasting session with your integrity still intact.

Roasted Potatoes and Brussels Sprouts

Sarah Fung

The spinning isn't just entertainment while you're standing in line. The workers make the most of every drop, utilizing the rotisserie set up to avoid wasting any bit of delicious flavor.

The organic fingerling potatoes roast under the rotisserie grills and absorb the dripping oils from the meats before being finished off with rosemary sea salt. The Brussels sprouts join the slow-roast rotation and also absorb a share of the flavorful oils, incorporating a special umami character. 

Bone Broth

Sarah Fung

Though Roli Roti Rotisserie intends to keep its menu simple, the owner plans to expand his product line in order to serve people healthy meals through local grocery markets. Thus came Butcher's Bone Broth, a naturally gelatinous and completely nutritious broth that is prepared just like the rotisserie meats: with ingredients that are few in number, but high in quality. Roli Roti slow-roasts Mary’s organic chicken bones alongside organic vegetables for 24 hours to yield a rich product that stands as the only organic fresh bone broth on the market.

Roli Roti Rotisserie is proud of its small business, and the owner doesn't have the intention of getting rich. He simply has the objective of putting healthy street food out there for people to enjoy. With such a passion for sustainable foods, his dedication clearly bears fruit in the high-quality meats and loyal customer base.