I've been to Chicago a few times in my 22 years, and I've indulged in a messy deep dish pizza every time. So when my roommates and I decided to pile in a car and drive more than six hours to the Windy City, I had one thing on my mind— pizza. I imagined myself devouring a delicious slice of 'za with a breathtaking view of the Chicago skyline in front of me. However, my most memorable meal ended up being a juicy burger in Chicago. 

By the title of this post, you know that dream never became a reality. However, I did enjoy some great places in the city that opened my eyes to other worthy eats in Chicago. I'm also pretty sure I found the best burger in Chicago, and I welcome all challengers who disagree. 

On a Saturday morning after a night out fueled by Franzia and sushi, the hunt for a brunch spot began.

ice, tea, beer, cocktail, juice
Jeanne Cantwell

I had three goals in mind: a massive amount of food, a stunning Bloody Mary, and an Instagram-worthy meal. My high standards were met at ROCKS Lakeview. The Bloody Mary I received could've easily counted as my meal, but I wasn't ready to stop there.  

After scanning the menu, my heart led me to The Smackdown Burger. It's a juicy patty smothered in cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onions, and pickles between a toasty brioche bun. I can't forget to mention the spicy chipotle ketchup on top because it was magical, and I want to bathe in it. I definitely recommend ordering tater tots as your side because why wouldn't you? 

lettuce, meat, french fries, bun, cheese, sandwich, beef
Jeanne Cantwell

After boxing up half of my meal (don't judge, the Bloody Mary was very filling, okay?) we took a stroll over to Wrigley Field to take a necessary selfie, because #FlyTheW. 

If you're feeling adventurous try the ROCKStar Burger Challenge.

If you can finish four beef patties with eight slices of pepper jack cheese, eight slices of bacon, lettuce, tomato, and pickles on a pretzel bun WITH a pound of fries, your meal is free. You have 30 minutes to finish everything, and if you don't it'll cost you a whopping 30 dollars. 

If you're in Chicago soon and want something other than deep dish pizza, I highly recommend ROCKS Lakeview. Go for a big burger in Chicago and not a slice of pizza. If the pics of my meal don't convince you, than let ROCKS inviting slogan win you over, "Your neighborhood spot even if you aren’t from the neighborhood." Chicago is a wonderful city for all you foodies out there with endless restaurant possibilities