This summer, my family decided to spontaneously drive to the Pacific coast. One day, during our stay in Monterey, California, we stopped for dessert at Revival Ice Cream. The line was out the door–it had to be good. 

As it turns out, Revival Ice Cream is a handcrafted, locally-sourced ice cream shop. The store focuses on sustainability, originality, community, and quality.

The shop's signature and award winning flavor is called Bee's Knees. This flavor is made with beeswax, bee pollen, honeycomb candy, and honey swirl.

Other special flavors include Rose Geranium, Mint with Eucalyptus and Fudge, Coffee with Smoked Cocoa Nibs, and Rhubarb with Elderflower Custard and Cookie Crumble.

This ice cream comes in a variety of ways. You can order it in a cup or gluten-free waffle cone made from their original recipe. Shakes, floats, pints, bars, and ice cream sandwiches are also options. 

If you find yourself struggling to choose just one flavor, than consider getting a tasting tray like the one pictured above.

So why try Revival Ice Cream? The simple answer is this: ice cream is awesome. At Revival Ice Cream, you truly taste the love!