As a meat-lover, I'm skeptical about the Vegan/Vegetarian "LA" trend that many Los Angeles eateries follow. I always question whether a meat-less menu would be worth my money. However, I am happy to say that P.Y.T. changed my whole view on the Eco-centric restaurant scene. This month, P.Y.T. ranked #3 on the Eater LA list of Los Angeles and will doubtless continue to surprise Downtown LA restaurant go-ers. 

beer, tea, coffee
Shonali Bose

The atmosphere gives off a chill, earthy vibe: hip music is blasting from the speakers and the bartender avidly chats with customers. The decor is simple but chic and the staff are very friendly. It is a little loud, but that definitely contributes to the "cool" vibe the restaurant gives off. 

coffee, wine, beer
Shonali Bose

Glancing at the menu, I barely knew half the words! Lucky for us, our waiter was really friendly and explained everything to us and offered his recommendations. The menu ranges from Salt- Baked Turnip to Green Pri-Pri rice, with only two meat dishes that are more on the pricier side. 

burrito, rice
Shonali Bose

My favorite dish was our starter. We started with a Potato Chapati Bread which came with dipping sauces: roasted garlic, eggplant dip, and coconut butter. I was blown away by the unique taste of sauce and polished my plate clean. At P.Y.T., the Chapati is a must have

vegetable, seafood, fish
Shonali Bose

The rest of our meal consisted of simple veggie flavors blended into unique dishes. We had the Roasted Japanese sweet potato with Fuji apple and the Hand-Torn Pasta with Shishito cream and yuzu. Both were really LA-sounding dishes and both were absolutely amazing! For desert, I had an Apple cross'innamon with vanilla ice cream. A croissant mixed with a cinnamon bun- yes please! Overall, I was so happy with the dishes. They were light, flavorful, and special. I didn't need any meat that night. 

Amongst the trendy, L.A. restaurants, P.Y.T. was definitely a great, healthy dinner experience that really changed my views on the veggie scene. If you're looking for dinner near campus which isn't too expensive, you should definitely try this out!