The Atmosphere

A rustic, chic environment with a contemporary atmosphere makes Rappahannock a perfect place to go for a fun, but also relaxing night out. The beautiful wood and nautical theme mixed with the worn, exposed brick make for a sophisticated, but not overly fancy dinner setting. You have the choice of sitting at table or the unique round raw bar where you can watch the impressive oyster shucking. I recommend Rappahannock for birthday dinners or a meal with the family when they come to Chucktown.

The Price

Rappahannock is definitely more of an upscale restaurant and like I said, it is perfect for birthday dinners and a nice dinner with the family. However, if you are a college student like me, you might not be able to make this a usual spot. As for the seafood, the oysters and clams are reasonably priced at around $2.50 per oyster and $1.25 per clam.

The Food

Fun fact: my dad and I actually ate this exact tower and let me tell you- it was life changing. On top there is a ring of twelve clams surrounding a bowl of citrus ceviche. Down below there are twelve oysters lying next a pile of twelve shrimp. In the front, there are season crab claws with a bowl of 12 mussels in a house made tangy sauce. All of my seafood lovers, do yourselves a favor and go to Rappahannock and order the Holy City Tower. You will not regret it. 

Since the restaurant opened in mid March, I have gone to eat at Rappahannock four times. I do not regret a single trip. Kind staff, beautiful atmosphere, and delicious food make this restaurant Charleston's newest gem.