Naturally when my sister suggested we go to Gov Ball, I was immediately on board. Gov Ball is the legendary summer festival for us New Yorkers that just so happens to kick off the summer. With a killer combo of artists and food stands from the most popular places in NYC, you can't get any better than this. 

Takumi Taco

fish, tacos, chicken
Lauren Lamothe

Hopping off the ferry I was a woman on a mission for tacos (could honestly eat 15 without any hesitation). This stand combines a mixture of Asian and Mexican flavors that satisfies all your taste buds.

We decided to try the best of both worlds and got the spicy tuna and the chicken adobo. Don't even get me started on the sauce on the spicy tuna; chipotle mayo makes me feel some type of way.

Roberta's Pizza

bacon, pizza
Lauren Lamothe

The two of us were not leaving Randall's Island unless we had our serving of 'za. Roberta's has been on our legendary NYC restaurant list for a while so it was the perfect time to indulge.

We consulted with those around us at the stand to see what they were getting and decided on the Bee Sting: pepperoni, honey and chili flakes. The only way to describe how flavorful this pizza was is to say "wow." I never thought I'd like honey on pizza, but my life is now changed. 

Dough Doughnuts

Lauren Lamothe

Friday, June 2nd just so happened to be National Donut Day so there was no doubt we would be celebrating. Everyone has seen the famous Hibiscus donut on Instagram at least twice in their lifetime so we knew it was our time to try.

I was skeptical, being the chocolate lover I am - but the hibiscus ended up being insanely fresh and tangy while pairing perfectly with the fluffy and rich dough. 

Magnolia Bakery

Lauren Lamothe

The Lamothe sisters are never satisfied with just one dessert. So, we stepped out of our baked goods and ice cream comfort zone and went balls to the walls with the renowned banana pudding.

They had three flavors: chocolate, salted caramel, and cake batter. We automatically wanted to taste all of the options. This shit was definitely bananas. My favorite was the cake batter with the sweetness of the cake pieces and the soft bananas scattered throughout. 

Mister Dips 

ketchup, cheddar, mustard, onion, bun, cheese, beef, bacon
Lauren Lamothe

After a little intermission to see Tove Lo, Lorde, Danny Brown, and Schoolboy Q, we were ready for some dinner. All we were craving was a nice fat cheeseburger and some fries. We couldn't even take a picture of the waffle fries we got because we were too eager to dig in.

But let me tell you, the seasoning was everything you dream of and hope for in a fry. As for the single dip burger, whatever their special sauce is I could eat everyday for the rest of my life. 

Not only was Gov Ball a success in terms of the amazing performers, but it was also a major success in our bellies. If we could've expanded our stomachs to eat at every single stand, trust me, we would've accepted the challenge.