Finding the perfect restaurant to go to for dinner is hard on any given night, but smack the words "Valentine's Day" in front of it and your hunt just got a whole lot harder. Do you want a dim-lit dinner? A romantic ambiance with classical music? A place that is out of your comfort zone? Somewhere special and delicious to go with your friends? Or a relationship staple? This list provides you with five of the perfect, delicious restaurants to spend your Valentine's Day. 

1. Storico Fresco Alimentari

Pasta-shop turned restaurant Storico Fresco Alimentari is the perfect place to wow your date. Rather than isolating their pastas, cheeses and wines in a small corner of the restaurant, display cases of their authentic goods are located all around the main dining room. With local produce, meats imported from Italy, and fresh pasta and sauces made in-house, the menu does not disappoint. They have a variety of salads, homemade pasta plates, and main dishes like seared branzino and lemony chicken. The lively atmosphere and delicious food in this restaurant will never fail to put you in a good mood.

2. The Iberian Pig

Transport yourself to Spain and indulge in the amazing tapas offered at The Iberian Pig. In this chic yet inviting restaurant, you will find yourself drooling over the authentic deliciousness of all that the restaurant has to offer. Select from a variety of delicious meats and cheeses, then move on to the diverse tapas. Try an old reliable like patatas bravas, or order something brand new like their foie tostada. To finish the meal off on a sweet note, don’t skip dessert and enjoy their luscious cinnamon-sugar-dusted churros with spiced chocolate ganache. The Iberian Pig is the perfect restaurant to bring a romantic date or a fun group of friends. 

3. The Optimist 

Sick of the same old Italian or Mexican restaurants? The Optimist serves high-quality, sustainable seafood from all around the country. They offer all things seafood ranging from spiced fish to beachside classics. Feeling fishy? Try one of their wood-hearth-roasted dishes like the Georges Bank scallops or a Maine lobster roll. Fish aren't your thing? Don’t worry, they have delicious meats like a prime NY strip steak or a classic cheeseburger. Transport yourself to the water and enjoy some fresh and tasty seafood.

4. St. Cecilia

This Valentine’s Day, St. Cecilia is offering their mouthwatering Italian food with a four-course pre-fixed menu. The menu features a selection of Antipasti, Primi, Secondi and Dolci. While the pre-fixed menu is slightly smaller than the original, St. Cecilias does not deny you of their classics. You can order their original Insalata Mista, their creamy Cacio e Pepe and finish off with their decadent chocolate mousse cake. If you are on the hunt for an enjoyable and authentic Italian restaurant to spend this Valentine’s Day, then St. Cecilia’s is the perfect place for you. 

5. O-Ku

To add some variety to this list, I wanted to include my current favorite sushi place in Atlanta. With unique sushi rolls, melt-in-your-mouth rock shrimp, and crispy rice, this is a place to never skip on. O-Ku is the perfect restaurant to bring a romantic date or a fun group of your best galentines. What makes O-Ku so reliable is that their menu is extensive enough that even your non-fish-eating friends can still enjoy their meal. Select one of O-ku’s delicious hot dishes including chicken teriyaki or cauliflower karaage. Even if you don't make it here on Valentine’s Day, this restaurant is a must. 

I hope these restaurant options alleviated some stress on where to take your date or enjoy good food with good friends this Valentine’s Day. With restaurants ranging from classic Italian to locally sourced fisheries, this list will not steer you in the wrong direction. Go to one (or all) of these restaurants for a mouthwatering experience.