New Orleans is home to an endless amount of restaurants, all serving and catering to different cuisines and styles. However, it is almost impossible to get to all of them, but if there is one restaurant you should get to, it is The Vintage NOLA.  

Located on Magazine Street, The Vintage has an inviting environment with rustic decor and a wide array of menu items. The Vintage is both a coffee shop and a bar, so it serves a large range of customers. 

Iced Latte with Almond Milk

Nicky Brown

First, we ordered iced almond milk lattes, and we really enjoyed them. We've had our fair share of coffee, both good and bad. However, coming from two people obsessed with coffee, these lattes were really good. No extra sugar or milk was needed. Although we came to eat lunch, there were many people utilizing the space to get work done too. 

Chicken Wings

Carlie Littman

Next, we got the chicken wings with a bacon dry rub. At first, we were not sure if we were going to like these, because we usually prefer a wing with sauce. We were wrong. The wings were very flavorful. Not having sauce was an added bonus because there was no mess or sticky fingers after we devoured the plate.

Truffle Fries

Carlie Littman

In our opinion, it is very hard to go wrong with a truffle fry, and this dish definitely proves our point. These fries had the perfect amount of truffle flavoring without being too powerful. The fries were just the right kind of crispy. However, we would have preferred them to be hotter, but it did not take away from the flavor.

Chicken BLT Flatbread

Carlie Littman

When we got the BLT flatbread some of us were a little hesitant since not all of us are the biggest fan of the generic version of the sandwich. However, everyone ended up trying it, and we all ended up being delightfully surprised. It wasn't too heavy and had a nice mix of chicken, lettuce, bacon and tomato. There wasn't too much of one thing and lacking of another. 

Beignet Bites

Carlie Littman

To start off the dessert, we got cinnamon sugar beignet bites. These reminded us of the Auntie Anne's cinnamon sugar pretzel bites we have had at the mall, but better. They were fresh and since they were so small, they were easy to eat and we didn't feel bad, even though we probably ate more than a nutritionist would recommend. #Noragrets. 

King Cake Beignet 

Carlie Littman

Finally, to end our meal we got the King Cake beignets. King Cake is a dessert eaten in New Orleans during the Mardi Gras season, which is approaching. The Vintage put a spin on it by combining it with the famous beignet. The combo we never knew we needed, until now. The beignet was light, fluffy, and had a praline filling with a glaze topped with crystallized sugar. Our only complaint was that they weren't the easiest to eat, but c'mon sometimes things taste better when they're messy. Besides, the pattern was pretty as the remnants from the dessert fell on our jeans.