St. Roch Market has any type of food a person could dream of. From sweet and savory to spicy and salty they have it all.  The market continues to bring in new vendors and only hire the best New Orleans has to offer. Many of their vendors have ended up opening full storefronts, like The Daily Beet. They began as a vendor in St. Roch Market, and today they are still there with an additional two storefronts. St. Roch Market's goals are to provide the best new food and drink vendors possible. Additionally, they want to make sure they serve their customers with hospitality, and I can assure the harshest of critics that they do. 


Carlie Littman

St. Roch Market is located in a historic building from 1875. It has been renovated several times, the most recent in 2015 with the opening of the food market. Despite these renovations, they kept a majority of the historical architecture. The St. Roch Market owners own other food hall properties such as New Orleans Auction House Market, Miami's Politician Row Miami, and one in Chicago as well. St. Roch Market is the original food hall location, and all the locations have different vendors. 


Nicky Brown

The vendors do change, but this is what they have right now for you to pick from (trust us, it's a hard decision). First, they have Chido which is Mexican inspired Coast Roast Coffee. The Daily Beet, a healthy cafe with smoothies, salads, grain bowls, Doily, which has both sweet and savory sandwiches, salads and desserts. They also feature Elysian Seafood, Elysian Oyster Bar, Emmylou's barbeque, Fete Au Fete homestyle southern, Fritai, Haitian street food, Laksa, Burmese and Malaysian Comfort FoodTorshi Mediterranean, and their full-service bar, The Mayhaw

What We Ate

Coast Roast Coffee

Nicky Brown

To start our day, we had sweet cream vanilla iced coffee. This coffee was so good and sweet, but not too sweet. Nothing needed to be added in addition to the drink for it was perfect. There was a good amount of ice, and it was crushed which made it better. 10/10 would recommend to a friend. 

The Daily Beet Avocado Toast 

Carlie Littman

Next, we shared the avocado toast from The Daily Beet. We both have previously eaten this before, but we decided to get it because of how good it was the last time. The bread is a thick slice of Bellegarde Country Loaf, toasted to perfection. It is topped with avocado, sea salt, chill flakes, and drizzled with olive oil. We loved this fresh and filling dish.

Torshi Greek Salad 

Carlie Littman

Carlie is not a typical greek salad eater, so she made a few substitutions to her salad, which they were extremely accommodating of. The dressing has a good combination of spices and did not drown the salad. The vegetables tasted fresh, as well as the feta. 

Californian Omelette from Fritai

Nicky Brown

Lastly, Nicky ordered an omelet with spinach, cheddar, and scallions. The omelet also came with a side of potatoes. It had a nice combination of all its elements, so no one ingredient was overpowering which I appreciated. The side of potatoes was seasoned well and paired nicely with the omelet.

Overall, we loved the St. Roch Market. It was full of New Orleans history, as well as delicious food. The market can cater to many different types of people while giving chefs and restaurant owners a great launching pad.