Loyola University Maryland is rolling out a brand new program this semester, Spring 2018, aimed towards creating a more environmentally sustainable campus. This program called Cupanion will minimize cup waste and help get clean water to areas in need through #fillitforward.

How It Works

You have the choice to buy a snazzy Loyola water bottle with the Cupanion sticker on it (prices range from $16.50-$21.75 and you can choose from a Swell-like bottle, insulated travel mug, or a glass water bottle with a fruit infuser) or you can purchase a sticker for $5.00 to add to your own bottle. 

Once you get the sticker, download the "Cupanion Rewards" app on your phone, scan your tag, and begin earning rewards for refilling your bottle. Every time you refill it, you get more points so don't forget to scan!


With a Cupanion tag, you'll get discounted beverages at retail locations on campus. These include:

- Starbucks Drip Coffee for $0.99

- Campus Fountain Drinks for $1.75

- Brewed Coffee for $1.89

In addition to discounts, some rewards that you can earn are $2 off coupons, and being entered in raffles to win prizes. 

Most Importantly

Aside from the benefits of a cute new water bottle, discounted drinks, and rewards, the most important aspect of this campaign is minimizing cup waste on campus and supplying clean water for those in need. 

Cupanion has a Fill it Forward initiative which "aims to partner with organizations and individuals that want to make a difference by supplying clean water to those in need." For every Cupanion product sold, they will donate the equivalent of the first fill of clean water to a person in need. 

In addition, with every scan you make on the app, Cupanion will match one cup of clean water donated to the Loyola Project. Loyola has a goal of 39,884 scans which will pay for a hand dug well and rope pump which will serve 120 people in Salima, Malawi. If you want to learn more about this initiative, click here.     

Join the Movement at Loyola to Reduce, Reuse, & Refill

This program is an easy way to be a part of Loyola's commitment to sustainability. With many of us already drinking from reusable water bottles, one more step (of scanning the tag) can bring clean water to those who need it. 

If you have any questions about Loyola's initiative towards sustainability with Cupanion, contact Dining Services at dining@loyola.edu.

#SpoonTip You can purchase Loyola Cupanion bottles/stickers at either Iggy's or Boulder–just ask one of the staff for it!