After close inspection (stuffing my face for a week straight), I have engulfed a ridiculous amount of cooked cheese. So, without further ado, I conclude that these are the best place to get queso in Oxford, Mississippi

1. South Depot Taco Shop 

tortilla chips, salsa, corn, chips, salt
Caroline LeGates

Located on The Square, I am a firm believer that South Depot Taco Shop has the best queso in Oxford, hands down. Their homemade seasoned chips and queso paired with a frozen margarita is sure to give you exactly the snack your taste buds are craving.

2. The Coop at Graduate Oxford

The thick crispy chips and skillet queso at The Coop, located on The Square, is the perfect spot to stop when you need to get your queso fix. I mean, this picture alone is enough to make my mouth water. 

3. Coyote Blues

chips, corn
Hannah Summers

New to Oxford, Coyote Blues has a reputation to build. However, it won't take long for locals to find this hidden gem... and the tasty queso appetizer. 

4. El Agave Mexican Grill 

Savannah Woods

When I was sitting at the bar in El Agave, the man sitting next to me ordered the queso, looked me straight into the eyes and said:

"I am two margaritas deep, but I swear they have the best queso in town. I could eat this stuff every day."

And I could not agree more...

5. Papitos Mexican Grill

Lindsey Fries

Located off of Jackson Avenue, Papitos Mexican Grill is known at multiple locations across the South East for their great service, authentic style Mexican food, and most importantly their quality queso and seasoned chips. 

6. El Mariachi 

El Mariachi is one of my personal favorites in Oxford. I can always rely on this restaurant for tasty queso and freshly made chips. I am guaranteed a good time when I eat here... especially if I bring a few friends (and have a few margs).